Goblin: If Deok-hwa is God

In case you missed it, there’s a rather interesting speculation online that Deok-hwa (aka Goblin’s newest Butler who is always hankering about his frozen credit) may be the God whom Shin claims is a white butterfly.


Evidence that backs up the speculation includes Deok-hwa’s thrice brush-pasts with Samshin Granny (whom we know for sure IS a god), and The Look they give each other. Plus, in those meetings, Samshin Granny uses formal (polite) speech with Deok-hwa, who clearly (in human form) is her junior. Secondly, Deok-hwa is always in blue or red, which in Korean folklore, are the colours of the Elder God Wol-ha. Thirdly, Deok-hwa recognizes Shin as Goblin without anyone cluing him into it (either that, or he is a very adroit young boy). Lastly, Deok-hwa locates Eun-tak almost immediately, and note that there is a scene of a white butterfly flying about in Pyongyang Ski Resort, where Eun-tak is temping.


I kinda think this theory holds water. Not juz cos of the evidence listed above, but having Deok-hwa as God will explain quite a fair bit of things. Namely, like why, after 900+ years does Shin suddenly meets with all the same characters in his Goryeo life? His sister (now confirmed as Sunny) is reincarnated and will fall in love again with (ex-King) Wang-yeo (now confirmed as Grim Reaper). And who invited Grim Reaper to stay at the Goblin’s house? Yup, Deok-hwa.


So why is Deok-hwa (or the Elder God) inviting those same players back into Shin’s life? (and most importantly, at the time when Eun-tak will meet Shin as his Bride and end his immortality) Imo, it may be to force Shin to re-look his existence. Despite living for 900+ years, Shin hasn’t really “integrated” with humans. He still lapses into archaic speech and has no ideas how to use smartphones and gadgets (I discount Grim Reaper, cos he’s officially not “alive”). In one word, Shin merely existed. While he occasionally directs, diverts and sometimes, ends, another human’s life, he hasn’t really done much for himself. If there’s a report card on how someone has lived his life, poor Shin’s would get an F grade.


More importantly though, Deok-hwa’s (or Elder God) purpose in using a human form now may be to guide Goblin’s narrative from one of revenge to that of redemption. While recently brought alive General Shin’s primary goal is to seek revenge against those that maligned him and massacred his family, Modern Day Shin seems to have mellowed greatly over the centuries. The idea of forgiving those who had wronged him could be the reason why God gives Shin the ability to see futures and not pasts. Shin is unable to recognize the reincarnated forms of his loved ones, or more importantly, his enemies.


And there is one arch enemy whose reincarnated form Goblin hasn’t revealed to us: Evil Eunuch Park. Strangely, the actors playing Eunuch Park and Secretary Kim are kinda similar (they are not the same actor, btw). If Secretary Kim is indeed Eunuch Park’s reincarnated form, then Shin has inadvertently forgiven him (without his own knowledge). He has been Secretary Kim’s secret benefactor all along, as Shin can “see” Secretary Kim being useful to Chairman Yoo in his future. So there is a very high chance that Shin can overlook Grim Reaper’s rash and insecure decision made eons ago as King Wang-yeo. More so when Grim Reaper and Goblin have a budding bromance brewing.


That leaves Eun-tak as the stand-alone (i.e. not reincarnated from anyone in Goryeo) in Goblin. Imo, I see her lack of historical baggage as another clue for Shin to stop dwelling on the past. The “sword” in Shin’s heart may not be a physical sword, but an emotional one. It can be a symbol of the grief that Shin has not learn to let go over the centuries. And maybe, juz maybe, our OTP need not die, when Shin lets Eun-tak pull out his sword — releasing his pent up need for revenge and the years of pain he endured from witnessing his sister’s death. Who knows, Goblin’s “death” may be a letting go of his emotional baggage and finally restarting his life as a human.

4 thoughts on “Goblin: If Deok-hwa is God

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  1. This was my thought as well. Maybe it’s just wishful thinking but it would give the fans a happy ending for Shin and his bride. I wonder what is going to happen to Sunny and the Reaper.

  2. I hadn’t read anything about this theory but it makes me like Deok-hwa better. I was really worried he would be Eunuch Park and it would break my heart. Now, I’m persuaded to see how this whole thing possibly rolls out.

  3. Hi Sab, thanks for this revelation. I keep thinking why there are interactions between granny and Deok-hwa. I don’t think the PD and the writer nim just created their interactions as the fillers but with a certain purpose so this speculation about Deok-hwa might be possible. I agree with you about the sword in the Goblin’s heart. It should not be a real sword but a metaphor that Goblin has not yet understood.

  4. but he can’t be god, because the true from of god inthis drama is butterfly….at the bar when duk hwa wake up after pass out it shows that he is not god but posses by god???

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