Finally. Lee Min-ho


Cho-hee is still kinda in Lala Land after Seraphim Ji-woo announces 1 of her 6 wishes can come true (based on her eventual choice). But a girl can be greedy right? Plus, Cho-hee is kinda conditioned to have A-list Kstars falling for her.


So when Lee Min-ho walks towards the info counter, she immediately assumes he is a “bonus” choice. Cue: cringe-worthy moments while Cho-hee flirts with Min-ho. She finally snaps out of it when her colleagues insist Min-ho is THE famous travel writer, and not Lotte’s Walk of Fame spokesperson. Plus this Min-ho looks totally gobsmacked at being treated over familiarly by a concierge girl, when all he wanted was a copy of the Store’s Directory. (pwahahaa)


Realising her BIG BOO-BOO, Cho-hee backpedals immediately. In mortification, she picks up Min-ho’s travelogue and pretends to be very interested in it while trying to make herself as small as possible….


Seems like Min-ho is an engaging writer, cos Cho-hee still has her nose buried in his book after work. Suddenly she hears someone call her name from behind. It’s Min-ho. He strides over to her, and she apologises for her transgression earlier. Cho-hee compliments him on the book and says that it resonates with her. Min-ho is impressed and pleased.


Cho-hee finally asks why Min-ho called out to her. Smiling, he produces one of Seraphim Ji-woo’s card from his pocket…omg…the card transforms itself into one with Lee Min-ho’s pic on it. Wide eyed, Cho-hee looks up at Min-ho…


…their eyes met, and they smiled.

END OF STORY. (I’m sorry, no kissy kiss-kiss or near kiss today)