The good thing about staying at home during a long weekend is that I finally have time to marathon dramas, and then to blog. After reading dramabean’s post about Show, I decided to give it a try, but it wasn’t until now that I have the time to start watching. It’s been a long while since a good family drama came along. Good meaning, more humor and warmth than angst and makjang. Coming from the writer behind the addictive (but in the end hair-tearing) Goddess of Marriage, I’m pretty sure Show will be interesting, and I’m glad to say this is way more addictive than Our Gab-soon.


Centered around a family of four generations (and their extended relatives), the first 10 episodes already see two lovelines developing, a birth switch-a-roo and a revenge underway. It’s your typical family drama with cliches, but served with a twist. It all started with the two married sons of the Han family moving back to stay with the parents: the eldest son and his family were cheated by his brother-in-law, while the second son moved in just because he doesn’t want to lose out to his brother.


Living under one roof leads to many problems and unhappiness, such as disrupting Mom’s plan to rent out the first-floor apartment at the villa they live in, escalated wars between the two daughter-in-laws, and then others. The birth switch-a-roo has nothing to do with the main characters, but it is still game-changing nonetheless. I like the inclusion of Korean moms being extra competitive on behalf of their children, to the extent of their children harboring suicidal thoughts, and also becoming physically ill due to unnecessary stress.


There’s also your usual discord between in-laws, where the mother-in-law is biased against the oldest daughter-in-law, and both the daughter-in-laws have lotsa animosity between them. As usual, everyone in Show has extra complicated relationships and emotional baggage, but it’s relatable and makes you want to continue watching.


But of course, the highlight of Show comes in the form of Sung-joon (Lee Tae Hwan) and Dong Hee’s (Park Eun Bin) loveline, which is the sweet and innocent kind only found in dramaland. In contrast, the loveline between Hyun-woo (Kim Jae Won) and Jung Eun (Lee Soo Kyung) is more vague, no thanks to the revenge Hyun-woo is exacting on the Han family and the neighborhood. I can’t wait for Sung-joon to shake away that rich girl, and then for Hyun-woo to give up on his revenge, for the family took care of his lost brother, Sung-joon! You can’t take revenge on them!