I agree with the mass opinion out there, Weight is SUCH a cute show. I love it when the rom-com has the best form of OTP(s) – those who are friends before becoming more than friends. And we got so many permutations in Weight. There’s the bickering schoolmate pairs who become soul mates, also the one-sided crushes disguised as friendships which eventually become fulfilled (yay).


If there are any complaints about the rom-com aspect, it’d probably be that Lee Sung-kyung as a weightlifter medalist is…too much a stretch for my imagination. So while EVERYONE in Weight snubs Bok-joo for securing such a good catch, I am like going, “huh?” Bok-joo herself is pretty. Despite trying to BE as frumpy as possible, Lee Sung-kyung is still beautiful (even with a bad haircut/wig and layers of puffy clothes).


Other than the rom-com, I find the most warming part of Weight to be Bok-joo and her support group. Besides Joon-hyung, Bok-joo is blessed with 2 besties who are miraculously not jealous of her or feel that they are “inferior” to her in any ways. And they are all training in the same sport, supposedly with the same aim – which is to make it to the Olympics training village, Taereung. In a sense, I find the bitching and the competition between the gymnasts more realistic. Nobody is really your “friend” if all of you are vying for a coveted position that allows limited entries.


Bok-joo’s family, though not exactly wealthy, puts in their best efforts to support her dreams. In contrast, while Shi-ho’s mum tried her best, her dad eventually got tired of the financial strain and her family broke apart. It goes to show that besides juz crazy training on the athletes’ part, a huge portion of their success muz go to their background support. As mentioned in my previous post, professional sports come with a hefty price tag, and several sacrifices have to be made. Bok-joo is extremely lucky to have her dad and uncle putting their weights (and their entire family wealth) behind her.


Weight is a celebration of and a nod of appreciation to an athlete’s supportive family and friends as much as it is a cutesy rom-com. It’s a no brainer why Shi-ho failed and gave up at her sports and Bok-joo goes ahead to win medals after medals. It’s not that Shi-ho is untalented, or doesn’t have the drive enough to win. Poor Shi-ho does not have a strong enough team behind her to sustain her dreams. So while I am happy for Bok-joo winning her medals, I also felt quite sad for Shi-ho. She represents those who tried their best, but are unable to make it due to extenuating circumstances.