You know how you have no idea an hour passed watching an episode of some dramas, and they leave you asking for more after each episode ends? Show is precisely this, and it’s not just the fast paced story that intrigues me, but also the fantastic acting between our two male leads – Ji Sung and Uhm Ki Joon. The former is a prosecutor framed (or is he not?) for his wife’s murder (and possibly his daughter’s too), while the latter plays a pair of twins, one evil and the other kind. It’s a battle of wits, and boy, spectacular it is.


While Park Jung-woo (Ji Sung) may not be some hotshot prosecutor like in other dramas, he’s proud of his work and has extremely strong ethics. In snippets of flashback from Yuri‘s character Seo Eun-hye, Jung-woo may have quite a temper especially at work. We also see that he is very dogged in pursuing his targets, so much so that he can disregard orders. It’s no doubt that his rashness made him a target, but the how remains a mystery 4 episodes into Show.


Cha Min-ho and Cha Sun-ho (both by Uhm Ki-joon) are identical twins who are polar opposite in nature. Min-ho is the heir to their father’s company, an upright man who tells his brother to turn himself in after learning that he killed a girl in cold-blood. Sun-ho on the other hand, is kinda a maniac with anger management issues and long known to be a troublemaker. He kills Min-ho without remorse, and is all out to stop Jung-woo from exposing him.


And so poor Jung-woo is given the death sentence without having any memories of killing his wife. He suffers from short-term amnesia and his memory stopped at the night of his daughter’s birthday celebration. It’s highly possible that at least one of his cell inmates is spiking his food, but who and why? At episode 4, Jung-woo is determined to recover his memories, and is trying to systematically retracking them. Help comes in the most unexpected form – a gangster whom Jung-woo insisted murdered his own boss. The gangster Shin Chul-shik (Jo Jae Yoon) wouldn’t help without receiving some bribes, so I’m looking forward to see how far Jung-woo will go in order to save himself.


While he may seem to find allies in the most unlikely places, the one friend whom he thought he had may turn out to be an enemy. The revelation at the end of episode 4 is a twist, and I’m actually excited to see where the writer will take us. Is Prosecutor Kang Joon Hyuk (Oh Chang Seok) a good guy or bad? Can Eun-hye save Jung-woo? How is Jung-woo going to escape from prison as in the beginning of Episode 1? Most importantly, can Jung-woo find back his memories?