Like Journey’s Season II, Na PD breaks up the program to bring the cast (and us) to 2 different places in China. The Guilin segment (5eps in total) ended last week (or week before last), and in a nutshell, it was HILARIOUS.


Granted, maknaes Kyuhyun and Mino are still pretty shy in variety, especially Minho. Kyuhyun had Jae-hyun as best buddy, so in a way, he is drawn out of his shell. The two are so inseparable and so compatible (they like and dislike the same things, have the same “-hyun” in their names), that Journey created a bromantic line for them. Jae-hyun even affectionately calls Kyuhyun “kyu-kyu”. (eew…curls toes)


Even though Minho is slightly quieter, being much younger than the rest of them, what strikes me is the hyungs’ protective stance over him. In one of the highly memorable games, where Na PD instructed them to hide a fruit until dawn, Mino mistook the (huge) pomelo for a (tiny) pomegranate. He tried unsuccessfully to smuggle his mistake into the bedroom. And of ALL places he chose to hide the pomelo in? In the crotch of his baggy, hip hop pants, which literally sagged from the extra bulge and gave the game away after a simple “pat-down” by the guys. (haha)


But they were nice enough not to strip him to remove the pomelo, so Minho thought he had them “fooled”, and transferred the fruit to his suitcase. The entire process was witnessed by Su-guen, who later informed the rest – but WARNED them NOT TO TOUCH the suitcase. The rest complied, cos they felt that since it was Minho’s virgin attempt at variety, they should try to help him win a few rounds of games, which he did the next morning. (the noob card is no longer valid in Part 2, fyi)


In the same hide-a-fruit game (which imo is the highlight of Journey), Kyuhyun also made a stupid mistake, but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. He chose a durian, which was an unknown fruit to him. For those who do not live in S.E Asia, the durian is a green, spiky, hard-shelled fruit…which smells fragrant for some, and pungent for others. It is near impossible to hide. But cos of its “defensive” capabilities (the cast thought it stank and it had spikes!), they decided to give the durian a pass. So Kyuhyun’s durian was literally left in the open, on the shelf, undisturbed for the whole night. The next morning, he slowwwly washed up and picked up the unmolested durian for his breakfast winning.


If you are wondering who got the tiniest fruit in the fruit game, it’s Ho-dong. He chose a small mandarin (an Asian citrus)…but promptly lost it in the rafter. Yeah, he thought that hiding the tiny, round mandarin in a hole on the rafter was a good idea, but he pushed the fruit too far in and it rolled INTO the roof proper. No go at retrieving it. Ji-won, who chose an apple, got attacked not long after he returned, and gave up on the game by wolfing down said apple. And then he decided Su-guen’s honeydew would make a good supper too.


Jae-hyun nearly won the game with his persimmon, but got the fruit crushed the next morning by Ho-dong. Unfazed, he decided to skip Na PD’s hide-the-fruit’s breakfast prize totally and went for breakfast on his own, using the earnings he collected as Monk. The others thought he was upset with Ho-dong until they received Jae-hyun’s Line message, enclosed with a pic of him slurping noodles. Then they were outraged. (haha)


Like with Season II of Journey, at the end of the Guilin segment, the cast are no longer shy with each other. Part 2 of Season III promises to be even more hilarious (I watched ep6, so I can confirm it is freaking funny).