While being able to ride (literally) into the future helps in letting So-joon amass a fortune in real estates, his constant time travelling has drawbacks as well. We learn that physically, his body takes a beating from the constant bopping back and forth between the future and now. Even when he is already accustomed to the sensations, travelling too often into the future can still give him a splitting headache.tomorrow05-00642
Physical ailments aside, what is more worrying is So-joon’s obsession with his future, at the expense of his present. While I cannot fault him for trying to prevent his own death 3 years from now (after all, it’s survival instinct), his approach at saving his own skin is kinda questionable.

Though Ma-ri and So-joon are the OTP in Tomorrow, and whirlwind romances are not uncommon, So-joon’s primary reason in wedding Ma-ri is to save his own skin. For a girl like Ma-ri, who is ultra-sensitive to how others objectify her, the realization that the marriage happened cos she is a tool to prevent THE accident is likely to upset her. For her entire life, Ma-ri has been a toy for the public’s entertainment: from the cute little Bap-soon, who earned the adoration of the nation, to the loser adult Bap-soon, whose antics are derided with glee by netizens. If she knows that So-joon is another of “those people” who “value” her for other reasons besides herself, the marriage may juz fail. (or could it be the reason it did in 3 months’ time?)


Not only does So-joon use the marriage as a ward against his foreseeable death, he also wants to include his children. I’m glad Ma-ri pointed out quite blatantly to him that he hasn’t thought things through. Her words are a wake-up call to So-joon – nobody can guarantee that bringing their future child into the picture will prevent So-joon/Ma-ri’s deaths. So-joon thus far is only concerned with ensuring the future he saw doesn’t happen, and having a “new life” entering into his and Ma-ri’s may stop their march to death. However, he never considered what if everything he tried fails to prevent the accident? Is he going to leave his future kid as an orphan? (and given that they will die 3 years from now, his child will be about 2 years old…not exactly an age where s/he can be “independent”)


Imo, So-joon’s biggest mistake is spending too much time brooding about the future, and forgetting that whatever happens in his future is going to be a result of decisions he made in the present. And currently, his unexplained absences are putting a strain on his marriage. Given that the OTP only dated for 2-3 months before tying the knot, they don’t really know each other, as demonstrated by their awkwardness around each other, and how their friends, family members and even frenemies, point out how little they know about each other’s histories. In other words, the couple are virtually strangers. Not only is So-joon not forthcoming about himself, he also chooses to keep mum or play down all those odd references to a future timeline which Ma-ri picks up on. It is not only frustrating to her, but it sends the (wrong) signal that So-joon doesn’t see her as an equal or as someone close/ trustworthy enough to share secrets with. And that is hurting Ma-ri; after all, she IS his wife, isn’t it?


Thus, I’m not surprised that instead of the BIG crisis in 2019, So-joon will be facing one in 3 months’ time, where Ma-ri divorces him and they go their separate ways. (which may then culminate to the depressed So-joon in 2019 who meets with the fatal accident) If So-joon wants to change his future, he better start scrutinizing what is going wrong now…instead of lamenting later.