Strong Woman, Do Bong-soon/ Voice: Of Villains and Psychos

It muz be the season for bad people in Kdramaland. Who’d thought a light, fluffy show like Strong will have such dark undertones interspersed with the hilarious bickering between Bong-soon and Min-hyuk?

And strangely, now that the Big Bad Villain in Voice (aka Sexy Psycho Tae-gu) is no longer playing hide-and-seek, Voice seems to have lost much of its creepy appeal (for me at least). Granted, there are still skeletons (or dead bodies) that routinely pop out of closets, but Voice has kinda lost the scariness that comes from not knowing the identity of the serial murderer.

Which can explain why I am now more invested in Strong as a mystery-thriller (with a big splash of romcom), cos I juz love the “guess-who” game that usually accompanies a thriller genre. And there is not one, but two, villains in Strong – Min-hyuk’s Stalker (who has begun to up his threats by shooting metal pellets at Min-hyuk), and of course, the Rubber Mask Psycho. If they ARE related, my strongest guess would be Min-hyuk’s oh-so-nice hyung, Dong-suk. Unlike Min-hyuk’s 2 other more volatile step-brothers, Dong-suk juz gives off the vibes that he is more than what he seems, and the nice-guy act is all a façade in order to throw Min-hyuk off his scent.

Of cos, Min-hyuk isn’t an idiot either. He is sometimes overly suspicious to the point of being neurotic. The call to Dong-suk can either be a plea for help, or a thinly disguised counter-threat – that he suspects Dong-suk is the perpetuator, and is warning him to back off. (i am hoping it’s the latter)

And unless Kook-do (and/or Bong-soon) manages to iden the Rubber Mask Psycho, Dong-suk MAY fit the role as well. We know that Rubber Mask Psycho wears a pair of black rimmed specs (when he is “unmasked”), similar to Dong-suk. And don’t we all know psychopaths (even Tae-gu) can appear to be the most mild mannered at times? Then again, Rubber Mask Psycho can be an entirely different character, and Bong-soon et al. will have plenty to do to catch 2 sets of villains.

While Rubber Mask Psycho continues to be scary (since he has yet to be identified), Tae-gu has lost his fright appeal to the extent that I find him…fascinating(ly sexy). (whoops, where did the parenthesis come from? heh) Young Tae-gu hammering a puppy into minced meat is far scarier than the adult nekkid Tae-gu in the bath tub.

Tbh, when Tae-gu breaks in (or strolls in) to Kwon-joo’s apartment and slowly caresses her furniture and beddings, the thought that went through my head while watching that scene was “I want a 50 Shades of Grey loveline between Tae-gu and Kwon-joo”. If Kim Jae-wook was trying to portray creepy, he has kinda failed. But if he is doing sexy-creepy, I’d say he has aced the role.

And I think it isn’t strange if Tae-gu develops a twisted love for Kwon-joo. While he doesn’t have much of an opinion of Jin-hyuk (other than seeing him as an annoying bug that needs to be eradicated), he is interested in Kwon-joo and her abilities. Not juz her super hearing ability, but probably also her sleuthing skills, and that with her abilities, she made it as the Head of Department in the Call Centre. Plus, Kwon-joo is aloof and unflappable – like him. Tae-gu probably sees Kwon-joo as a more worthy and interesting opponent than old-school detective, Jin-hyuk.

So…am I getting my 50 Shades soon, Voice? 😛

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  1. Errrrr MTG has actually expressed amusement at MJH, he is not annoyed nor he wants to erradicate him soon. He, in fact, decided to kill KGJ first. MTG likes hunting men for sport, so I suppose a resilient strong and brave guy like MJH will be fun for him to “play” with. Also, bravery is what he finds amusing in KGJ, imo. I don’t see him one “toy” or “prey” over the other.

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