Final Review: Voice

Voice’s ending is as expected as it can get, with all the Big Bads getting justice served to them. Except for Tae-gu’s rather strange ending (I’m not giving away spoilers, in case you haven’t watch)…which MAY point to a Season 2? I hear kooriyuki groaning.

Not that Voice is altogether bad, it’s juz laughably illogical at times. I’ve touched on the lousy police procedurals in the show, but they aren’t the only eyebrows-raising stuff. Simple — but glaring – scenes such as Tae-gu in his special bath tub with no drainage and pipes, Kwon-joo knowing which button to hit to end the EM waves blockage, Dae-shik surviving the many hard knocks to his head, and even better, why Jin-hyuk can be captured by a group of thugs when he later fights the same group off – while seriously injured…all these are glossed over by Voice’s stylistic portrayal of the Golden Time Team vs. The Sexy Psycho.

If I have any final complaints (besides those listed above and in previous posts), it’d be gross under usage of the other members of Golden Time Team, namely Hyun-ho and Eun-soo. While Hyun-ho does get SOME air time as the resident online database trawler, Eun-soo is virtually nothing more than a pretty wallpaper flower in uniform. I was excited about her multi-lingual ability which garnered Kwon-joo’s interest to invite her to join her Golden Time Team, but as cases fly by, and Eun-soo’s talent is never displayed, I got kinda upset.

And it’s not because there isn’t a chance. Chairman Mo deals with human trafficking, among other shady businesses, and there’s even a Myanmar assassin out to kill Jin-hyuk’s son. All of which present plenty of opportunities to steer the storyline a little to display Eun-soo’s talent. But, no. Both cases are kinda brushed under the carpet (not even getting a full ep on its own), and forgotten. So Eun-soo ends up ironically as Hyun-ho’s (who is her junior both in rank and age) assistant as a Google-search engine. Otherwise, both she and Hyun-ho act as commercial breaks to the tension in the narrative, with most of the PPL sessions (Subway, the Samsung handphone) centered on them.

Despite all my grouching though, if Voice does have a Season 2, I will definitely catch it. Mainly cos of Jin-hyuk and Kwon-joo. I must say that Jang-hyuk and Lee Ha-na portrayed their roles very well. Jang-hyuk’s Mad Dog Detective is rash, sometimes threateningly so, but he balances Jin-hyuk out with a huge dose of warmth and compassion. The focused glint in Jin-hyuk’s eyes while he is on the “hunt” is almost as scary as Tae-gu’s. But that is contrasted with the fatherly concern over his sick son and the gruff, unspoken love he has for his deceased wife (his final solo send off at his wife’s columbarium is very touching).

Lee Ha-na’s Kwon-joo is also a refreshing take on OCN’s usual portrayal of the female “lead”, who is usually there as visual decoration but doesn’t contribute much to the storyline. Kwon-joo’s super hearing ability is the reason why Tae-gu is identified (given that there is scant evidence due to the cover up), and finally captured. But most importantly, even though Kwon-joo is firm and steely, she is still very feminine. She isn’t the Tomboy type of police woman that some Kdramas like to portray, as more “befitting” in an all-male environment.

As for Kim Jae-wook…I’m actually kinda sad that I won’t get to see him again if there’s a Season 2. (or maybe we can have some flashback scenes with him?) [kooriyuki: Nah, given the ending words from the production team, it doesn’t feel like there’s gonna be a Season 2. No Kim Jae Wook, no Voice! =p]

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  1. I found by the end of episode 11, that Voice lost its appeal for me – which is a shame because it started out so well. It was gripping stuff. The performances were all fine, it was just the storylines. By contrast, I found I became quite interested in Defendant by the end of episode 11. I had decided to give it away, but that little “voice” inside me said – give it one more try. I’m glad I did.

    1. I’m glad you decided to give Defendant another try, because it’s gripping and deserves the high viewership ratings. That doesn’t mean Voice isn’t good, but the procedurals were sloppy, and I find only the main arc more interesting.

  2. When they actually revealed his face, I was wondering why such a handsome man would do something so gruesome. I liked how the show evolved through every episode and bits and pieces of his past were revealed. I didn’t think of Daek Shik to be the traitor, I thought of the multilingual girl might be doing the inside job. I don’t think I’d like a season two though. It’s just so stressful to see the story unfolding. But the murderer’s death was unsatisfying, like why did the doc kill him, similar to how he himself murdered the others. It was very abrupt.

    1. Yeah, I think the way the scene was shot was more like a hallucination than an actual killing, though I guess the narration by Kwon-joo was a giveaway that there’s no Season 2?

      1. Oh yeah, I never thought of it as a hallucination! That’s a possibility. I guess not, I think it all came together in the end though.

  3. I want to believe that MTG is dead and that there won’t be a S2 :p If he is not dead then MJH and KGJ’s will have no closure and that would be so sad. But, MTG ending seemed like a hallucination. All in all Voice was not boring to me. I loved/hated it right until the very end lol! It was the plotholes you mentioned, lack of character development, etc but I liked and felt for most of the victims. Also liked the performances in general. Thank you for your review.

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