I am not up to date with Tomorrow yet (currently at ep10-ish only), partly cos I’ve been trying to complete other shows on my plate, and frankly, Tomorrow can be rather frustrating to watch at times. I adore the OTP; Lee Je-hoon and Shin Min-ah are both my favourite actor/actress, and their chemistry rocks on screen as So-joon and Ma-rin, but…I find the characters in the show, save for Ma-rin, are rather annoyingly tight-lipped.

I can understand from the Time Travellers’ pov, telling everyone their secret ability, and what is going to happen in (their) futures can be scary, or juz plain crazy, so it’s easier not to say anything. But then, the critical characters around So-joon more or less already know his secret, but he is STILL keeping stuff which will affect them from them.

It may be concern for their well-being on his part, but like Ma-rin says, he is depriving her of information needed to make decisions. As it is, she has to pry the info on the accident happening to Ahjaushhi Shin from So-joon using partly clever guesswork, and part intuition. He only repeatedly tells her to quit her photography project with Happiness Condo, and never gives her a good enough reason on WHY she should not do the thing she obviously loves. Which she tells him in the face, but his reaction is juz to look at her in a very constipated way.

Even after she knows of his secret as a Time Traveller, and amazingly manages to keep her composure and trusts that her husband isn’t pulling her leg, So-joon still never really comes right out to tell her what he knows about their future, and the dangers they face. Maybe he thinks laying it out to her will cause her undue distress, but I do think Ma-rin isn’t so easily rattled. Unlike Ki-doong, Ma-rin takes the news that Ahjausshi Shin MAY get into an accident in her stride, and proactively volunteers to help, by ensuring he gets on board the flight to Japan. Ki-doong, on the other hand, is visibly shaken and initially wants to know nothing about the accident, until prodded by So-joon to stake out the construction site.

But the most annoying Secret Keeper to date (as least till ep10) is Doo-shik. We know his motivation in meddling with So-joon/ Ma-rin’s lives stems from him being Ma-rin’s father. However, I have no idea why he wants to keep this info from So-joon, is he afraid that So-joon will feel cheated since he has an ulterior motive for befriending him? However, since the fatal accident in 2019 will affect both So-joon and Ma-rin, saving Ma-rin can directly save So-joon…imho, there’s no “conflict of interest”.

Even though his intentions are good, and the means in which he try to achieve his objective (to save his daughter + son-in-law) are also not evil, Doo-shik is making a mess of things. From ep10, I can hazard a guess that Ahjausshi Shin’s death took such a toll on So-joon that it ruined his marriage, and eventually lead to the forlorn So-joon in 2019 we saw earlier. It is possible that the So-joon in that time line sensed something is fishy wrt Ahjaushhi Shin’s death, and becomes obsessed with trying to uncover the murderer’s identity. So Doo-shik tries to “help” by attempting to lure Director Kim away from MyReits in the current timeline … but we saw how THAT backfired. In fact, Doo-shik ironically becomes the MAIN reason why Director Kim loses his marbles and becomes a neurotic murderer.

And what is even more frustrating is Doo-shik is in the BEST position to warn So-joon about Director Kim. So-joon may ignore Ki-doong’s gentle admonishing to not belittle Director Kim, cos Ki-doong doesn’t have the power of foresight. But Doo-shik does – like So-joon. So if he had warned So-joon EXPLICITLY about Director Kim being a threat in one of his possible futures, So-joon may sit up and pay attention.

As it is, Doo-shik tries to keep So-joon in the dark and attempts to resolve all problems single handedly. As the omniscient viewer, I keep seeing where Doo-shik failed and want to scream in frustration. Doo-shik’s meddling may well be the cause of his daughter’s divorce and later her death.