Drama Review – 1% of Anything (Dramax, 2016)

(Finally have some time to write! -kooriyuki)

This drama is so sweet and engaging, and I never felt bored even though the story was cliche. I’ve never watched the original before, but I can safely say this remake can very well stand on its own two feet. At roughly 40 minutes long per episode, Show is a breezy watch with a spunky female lead and plot developments that actually felt trendy (ie not your typical old-fashioned noble idiocy).

Despite the age-old central plot of contract marriage (or in this case, just a dating relationship), the plot developments as well as the characters’ reactions to situations felt real instead of cliche, which is a welcomed change. What I like most is our heroine Kim Da Hyun’s (Jeon So Min) no nonsense attitude towards the prickly-on-the-outside-but-teddy-bear-inside hero Lee Jae In (Ha Seok Jin), but otherwise sweet and warm towards everyone else. While Ha Seok Jin mostly played such characters (OPPA I MISS YOU ON MY SCREEN!) it’s my first time watching Jeon So Min and I have to say she really seems like her character, and both their chemistry sizzles increasingly as the story unfolds.

It is exactly Da Hyun’s sincere and helpful personality that lands her in the (initial) predicament of a ridiculous contract relationship with chaebol heir Jae In, and while they were both looking forward to the end of the six-month contract in the beginning, their increasing fondness for each other makes them both dread the separation when the contract ended. For once it wasn’t contrieved or facepalm-y to have the OTP pining for each other while being separated, as it WAS the end of a contract and they had no reason to meet anymore.

The other refreshing take this remake had was it wasn’t the chaebol family (or the hero’s mother to be exact) who opposes our OTP, but rather the heroine’s parents who have reservations in becoming in-laws with a chaebol family. It’s thus up to Jae In to show Da Hyun’s parents how much he loves her and although as expected his perserverance wins, it’s still sweet to see how Jae In wins over Da Hyun’s parents.

And as all romcom goes, there must be an annoying third (or fourth) wheel who constantly tries to break up our OTP and here it’s Jae In’s ex-fiancee who pops up out of nowhere, insisting that she loves Jae In after breaking their engagement three years ago. It’s also awesome that Da Hyun doesn’t cower in Ex-fiancee’s presence and instead tells her off. She’s the ridiculous and illogical aspect of the entire drama, and I recommend skipping her parts altogether.

Other than that, our OTP has pretty supportive friends and the side characters are less antagonistic than expected. It’s a rather enjoyable ride and puts a silly grin on the viewer’s face because it’s just so sweet watching the love blossom between Jae In and Da Hyun. This is definitely recommended to anyone who wants a quick pick-me-up.

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  1. Didn’t you get the impressions that the leads might’ve been dating in real life? They had GREAT chemistry!

  2. I have seen both. I agree with you. Though the original had more fleshing out of the OTP, and to be honest the third wheel was much better in the original. This one does stand on its own and proudly. Both are a fun romp. The original does get bogged down in spots, but is worth the view. If you like strong female leads I would love to recommend to everyone Noble, My Love. Adorable.

    1. I guess coz each ep is shorter than usual the fleshing out of OTP is being compromised here, in exchange of a faster pace in the overall development.

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