After a brief hiatus, the cast and crew gather again at one of the writers’ home for Part 2 of Journey. In order to determine the new order (as in who gets what role), Na PD assigns them a “food ordering” game. The food courier who arrives first with the cast’s ordered snack gets first dibs at selecting his (new) role. From the onset, Eun Ji-won is adamant to take on Monk – swearing that he will “break the spine” of whoever is the new Monkey with the electronic pulse massager. (cue: evil cackles)

…And he gets his wish. Ji-won’s food delivery arrives second (Su-guen’s came first, but he chose the milder role of Sha Wujing) and he immediately takes on Monk role, together with its benefits – the massager PLUS the daily cash stipend. As to whose delivery arrives last – it’s a tie between Minho and Ho-dong, whose courier unfortunately helps 2 different snack bars in their deliveries. In a game of rock-paper-scissors, Minho beats Ho-dong and assumes the female role in Journey. And I must say, Minho looks very pretty in a pink wig and short dress. Much prettier than Ji-won. 😛

Since the massager doesn’t “work” on Ho-dong, who has tried it before in his role as (fat) Monkey (see Journey 2), Ji-won insists he tapes it to his belly. (ow) Ahn Ji-hyun, who is not present in Seoul at the moment, is represented by wifey, Gu Hye-sun, who managed to land him the role of Tortoise. Although it’s bottom 3, it isn’t so bad – other than having to wear a white T-shirt-pants uniform throughout the trip. Kyuhyun, whose courier came in third, chose Piggy.

So off to Xiamen they go. Since Xiamen is nearer the coast, temperature is milder – but only in the day. (the cast are complaining about the freezing night temp) It’s very obvious that the 2 new maknaes are much more comfortable in their variety roles now, and the sunbaes no longer give them any leeway.

Minho, who has always been a Black Hole since Day 1, continues his unlucky streak at Na PD’s games. So he ends up being the main reason why the cast don’t get to eat meals. But even Bad Luck must run its course, cos after days of practising with his sunbaes, Minho does show improvements in idiom-type games. (to his utter delight) To give the cast credit, they do mug very hard behind the scenes. In a short snippet, we see Kyuhyun and Minho memorizing all the idioms that their sunbaes throw at them, and Jae-hyun even admits to brushing up on his general knowledge following Journey 2. (but he hilariously still fails at “Name the Capital” quiz, even though he insisted he did study)

There are also some tidbits about the cast that are revealed in Journey 3. Who knows Minho is such a great artist?! He is able to sketch his team mates’ faces with pretty good accuracy. (nice one!) Jae-hyun and Su-guen also prove to be very good cooks, when they are assigned to fry bokkeum-bap (fried rice) for the cast. And Ho-dong? He’s picked up drumming recently – an interest which you won’t associate an ex-sportsman with.