Not surprising for Tunnel’s crew to delay eps13-14 broadcast, since the narrative is now at a crossroad. The backend team probably needs to use the holiday break (plus Elections) to address some of the major plot points in order to tie up the narrative nicely before it finishes in 6 more eps.

The burning issue is likely whether Gwang-ho can make it back home. The two possible endings have been given more or less equal weightage in the narrative so far. As the protagonist, we believe in Gwang-ho’s (and Sun-jae’s) conviction that if he manages to solve the Hwaseong murders, and capture the murderer, he WILL be able to return home to Yeon-sook and thereby prevent the accident that claimed her life.

However, that begs the question of whether the murderer will still be at large TODAY if Gwang-ho returns home to the 80s. Even if Gwang-ho learns of the murderer’s identity (aka Dr Mok) in the 21st Century, he may not be able to capture him back in the 80s, with the poor forensic science, high tolerance for corruption and poor police procedurals then. Dr Mok (who isn’t stupid, by all accounts) has not left fingerprints on those bodies in the 80s, there is a high chance he may never get convicted. In addition, there is no guarantee that Sun-jae will grow up to be a police officer and capture him later in the 21st Century, if his dad considers learning of the psycho’s identity as a form of closure for his wife’s death.

So Gwang-ho’s return to the 80s will open up a big can of worms, and Tunnel may run out of time to address all of them. I don’t juz want to see a happy reunion between Gwang-ho and Yeon-sook (though that will be sweet, considering the poignant parallel scenes we have of them yearning for each other in their different timelines), cos too many questions will be unresolved.

Though there may be an “quick and dirty solution”: the 80s police suddenly discover a new suspect they had never considered before (or a suspect they overlooked), thanks to Gwang-ho (with his “foresight”), and Dr Mok is captured because he doesn’t have watertight alibis during the time of deaths, plus Gwang-ho has knowledge of Dr Mok’s background, and reasons why he became a psychopath.

On the other hand though, I do hope Gwang-ho continues to stay in the current timeline, mainly cos he and Sun-jae have such a good working partnership. Yeon-sook may be dead, but Gwang-ho now has a kin – his newfound daughter, Jae-yi (Yeon-oh). I wonder if Jae-yi is going to learn that she isn’t an orphan, and more importantly, whether she can retain that poker face of her when she realizes her biological father is about the same age as her. (i’m kinda looking forward to the awkward reunion, if it happens)

There is one glaring logistical problem if Gwang-ho continues his stay in the current timeline – his identity. Amazingly, the young (and dead) Park Gwang-ho appears to have no family or friends. Nobody seems to be looking for him, given that he has gone off the grid for so long. Tunnel has yet to address Young Gwang-ho’s connection with the Hwaseong case, and how he manages to discover Dr Mok’s secret identity as a serial murderer – something which Sun-jae, who had spent the longest time with Dr Mok, doesn’t even guess at.

But Young Gwang-ho’s lack of friends/ family is a big help to Gwang-ho if he is unable to return to his timeline. Gwang-ho juz need to fully assume Young Gwang-ho’s identity, and get a set of forged documents or something. However, Tunnel has already highlighted in one of its cases that doing so is very wrong. And given Gwang-ho’s sense of uprightness, he probably won’t consider it.

Sigh, so we are still back to Square 1 – looking at both narrative paths which Tunnel can take and not knowing which.