Things got a little hairy over eps7/8 with Seol-ok and Wan-seung preventing Seol-ok’s sis-in-law, Ho-soon, from getting herself kidnapped and buried alive by a psychopath. Tbh, the police procedural aspect of Mystery is a little iffy (ok, to be REALLY honest, it sucks). While it is true that Seol-ok does possess uncanny ability to link seemingly irrelevant clues together and solve the mystery of the day, she somehow is lacking common sense.
It’s not the first time her curiosity over a crime and a criminal overshadow her personal safety. In the earlier run-in with Do-Jang, she actually strikes up a mono-conversation with Do-Jang, knowing full well that he is the drug trafficker. (even if she doesn’t KNOW, at least she strongly suspects, given that his MO matches that of what she described earlier) And in ep8, she really gets herself in (literally) deep trouble by trying to rescue Ho-soon singlehandedly. True, she did left a post-it on the noticeboard…but how is she so sure Wan-seung will see it?

In a real-life situation, Seol-ok’s little hobby will get her killed – as early as ep1. But since this is kdramaland, there’s always her Knight in Shining Armour (or maybe Knight with Thickheaded Skull) nearby to take the blows for her. I am a little disappointed in Wan-seung as well. For a full time detective, who has the access and means to all forms of tracking devices, police info, etc, he is…kinda dense. So much so it becomes hilarious to see Seol-ok spoon feeding him the clues and trying to get him to fit the puzzles together – very much like she is tutoring an elementary school kid.

On the other hand though, these two zany couples are very fun to watch. They aren’t (at the moment) romantically linked, but it’s funny when Mystery lets them run around performing the usual “couply” things at lovers’ hotspots (such as visiting a lighthouse, looking at lovers’ locks), only to turn the motif around and have them discuss how easily it is to dump a body in the seawater, etc. And to add to the funny touch, have a real couple look at them in absolute horror for destroying the romantic atmosphere.

While Wan-seung can still sometimes be annoyingly dismissive of Seol-ok’s theories, you can see he actually listens to them, and goes out on a limb to help her. Besides abusing his police authority to help her use the airport’s CCTVs to trace Ho-soon, he gives her the benefit of doubt for deducing Ho-soon to be a soon-to-be victim of a kidnapping scam, instead of merely a young foolish girl eloping with a lover. To be fair, without Seol-ok’s insistence and her piling on of “evidence” to prove her “theory”, Ho-soon does indeed appear to have cheated her family and friends of their money in order to elope with a man.

And some of Seol-ok’s “evidence” are rather eyebrow raising – like using a popular police spokesperson’s (who kinda undercut himself with the perfume-as-gun ad) TV programme as case reference. This is exactly what an ahjumma housewife who has too much time on her hands will do – watch a police-type of TV show on a lazy afternoon, and think she has enough “experience” to solve crimes. So I don’t blame Wan-seung for spending half the time rolling his eyes at her.

Similarly, while Seol-ok grouches about Wan-seung hovering around and “hampering” her, she nonetheless appreciates his help. Even if he is juz driving her from Point A to B (since she can’t drive, and hailing a cab on an offshore island is moot). And of course, his role as her unspoken guardian angel. Seol-ok’s post-it note on the noticeboard says it all – logically, she cannot be sure that anyone will spot it, but she has unerring faith that Wan-seung will see it, and follow her to the smaller islet.

Wan-seung’s ability to track down Seol-ok is also amazing in itself. Since she has the funny habit of zooming off like a rabbit with her tail on fire at the drop of a hat. And usually this happens to coincide with the times when Wan-seung is on a spiel about himself being a “veteran detective”, blahblah, only to turn around and realize that his audience has disappeared. (lol) Despite that, Wan-seung always manages to catch up with Seol-ok.

In contrast, Seol-ok’s husband somehow isn’t on the same mental plane as his wife. He clearly doesn’t know what she is up to (though he may now, with Lawyer Jung ratting Seol-ok out), and he has no idea where she is. On the surface, he appears to be an ok husband, but he juz doesn’t seem interested in Seol-ok, whether it’s having a two-way conversation with her, or knowing exactly what she is up to during those times she is MIA.

Mystery is already at his midway mark, and imo, it is time to move slightly away from the small mysteries to solving the bigger issues on hand – like is Seol-ok going to admit to her unconventional hobby and whether she has to leave her husband and in-laws in order to pursue what she loves.