The cast and crew complete the final leg of their journey in Xiamen, dubbed the “Mediterranean of China”, with its balmy weather and blue seas. Ironically, the temperature drops quite drastically at night, giving rise to complaints by the cast that Na PD has “lied” to them again.

Besides the rather gorgeous city, which is a blend of Eastern and Western influences (there’s an adjoining no-cars islet which was once home to affluent Europeans settlers), one other thing stood out in Journey Part II. The cast has indeed bond very well. So much so that Journey Part II is the only one of the entire series which the cast NEARLY had a chance at scoring all 7 dragon balls. They had a record number of 6 dragon balls, which is like 100% more than previous eps (with average of only 1-3). Maybe more brains and “man”power do help.

Or maybe it’s Na PD getting soft, cos I also notice he is slightly a tad slower at calling out the annoying “Ding” (which signifies “Time’s Up”) to the quiz rounds, so the cast actually had the precious few seconds more to connect their brains with their tongues. 😛 Or, it could be Na PD underestimated the new maknaes’ earnestness in getting the quiz questions right. Kyunhyun and Minho turn out to be quite competitive – not against each other, but more like they have this urge to really want to perform well and get the answers correct during the quiz rounds. So much so that they actually practise offline on the other cast and on the crew – and it is HILARIOUS when Na PD gets ALL the answers wrong, and finds their pop quiz questions to be so interesting he gets his writers to copy them down for future use. (duh)

The games played in Journey (Part II) also got more innovative, with quasi-locked room challenges, and games which require 200% teamwork (such as blindfolding the cast and making them perform synchronized movements). Compared to the previous games in Series 1-2, where they are MOSTLY all pre-meal pop quizzes, the games in Journey (Series 3) are very much more interesting. And that adds to the watchability factor.

Come June 2017, Na PD promises another round of Journey, but apparently, not to China…