*shrieks* Why in the world is Gwang-ho tossed back into his timeline right at the moment when he is about to capture Dr Mok? kooriyuki and I think that the Time-Space God in Tunnel must be having a bad case of PMS. Otherwise, the key to time travelling in Tunnel would be at the “I-nearly-caught-him-but-I-didn’t” moment, much like So-joon and his subway rides in Tomorrow with You. (which reminds me that I need to complete that show…sorry)

Similar to Gwang-ho’s earlier time travel, this time was another unexplained (and uncontrolled) incident. He also leaves behind friends and (a) family member who will be upset over his disappearance – cos there is again no closure, no farewells, juz … poof! But more importantly, he leaves behind the killer mingling with his loved ones yet again.

I was quite worried that Tunnel will make Yeon-sook one of the Hwaseong victims, especially after Gwang-ho disappears in his timeline, and Yeon-sook forms the habit of wandering to the tunnel where he disappeared to mope. That tunnel happens to be the hidey hole of young Dr Mok as well – not that we know for sure then. Even if we didn’t know, her wandering around with a serial killer still on the loose, and her policeman husband no longer around to protect her, is nail biting to say the least.

The same thing happens again in the 2017. But it’s even scarier now that Dr Mok’s identity as the serial killer has already been established – he may feel directly threatened and kill Sun-jae/ Jae-yi, etc to ensure his continued freedom. Although only Gwang-ho KNOWS Dr Mok = the Hwaseong serial murderer at the moment and he has conveniently disappeared, I don’t think it’d be long before his colleagues and daughter find out.

From the calculated looks Jae-yi has been coolly giving Dr Mok, she seems to suspect something, but has nothing concrete at the moment to confirm her nagging suspicions. And even though Sun-jae may be blinded over his long-time friendship with Dr Mok, he isn’t exactly dumb. Once he traces Gwang-ho’s last movements before his disappearance, and notices the pen bearing the name “Noel” in Dr Mok’s jacket, he will be able to link two and two together.

Of course, the dangers which Jae-yi and Sun-jae face in 2017 can be removed if Gwang-ho manages to nab young Dr Mok and nail the murders on him. What I am afraid of is with the lack of competent forensics and stringent protocols for evidence gathering, Gwang-ho may be facing an uphill task to prove young Dr Mok is the killer. Much less a serial killer – which is unheard of in those times. So far, we don’t know the background of Dr Mok, but I’ve got a feeling his family isn’t exactly poor (since he can afford a university degree in the medical field). Which may also work against Gwang-ho, given that the police force is pretty corrupted back in his time.

While capturing Dr Mok will be the most expedient way to remove all the threats overhanging our past and future (or present?) characters, I’d find myself disappointed if Gwang-ho doesn’t get a chance to return to 2017. Granted, history would have changed. Jae-yi will not be the psychology professor who cannot emote, and Sun-jae may not even be a police officer, but a doctor (he did mention he was studying medicine before he decides to switch career).

But…hanging Jae-yi in 2017 with the knowledge that her dad is alive and has travelled in time to meet her, and leaving Sun-jae with a missing partner (literally) overnight…feels wrong, somehow. Call me old fashioned, but I’d also like these 2 narrative threads to have their proper endings. However, Logic says that Gwang-ho will have no reason to return to that 2017 moment if he does manage to catch Dr Mok in 1986.