My gawd. I’m swearing off this writer’s drama from now on. Her previous drama King’s Family was ridiculous but engaging to a certain extent, but this is…plain ridiculous. Even the presence of Song Jae Rim x Kim So Eun couldn’t stop me from watching 2/3 of this in 2.5x speed.

I have no idea why the title is as such, since it’s not as if the drama is centralized around Gab-soon (Kim So Eun). Half the time she’s quarreling with Gab-deol (Song Jae Rim), who’s honestly a horrible boyfriend and then husband. He’s probably just someone to be good friends or colleagues with, but anything beyond that? Nah. Stressing that they’ve dated for 10 years doesn’t really change anything, and their mothers dislike for each other is just so…immature.

I’m upset that Go Doo Shim had to be the annoying materialistic mother here, not unlike Kim Hae Sook‘s utterly atrocious Mom in King’s Family. Seems like this writer has a knack of turning veteran actresses that I love into horrible Moms. Not only Gab-soon’s Mom is badly written, Gab-deol’s Mom is also annoying when it comes to her daughter Da Hae’s (Kim Gyu Ri) failed marriage. The only saving grace with Gab-deol’s Mom is she’s more understanding towards the end of the drama, her love story with old man Yeo Bong, and she truly loves her children.

And speaking of Da Hae, she’s just conveniently written off the drama without explaining to where and exactly why, and by the end of Show, she’s forgotten by everyone. The relationship triangle she’s in with Gab-soon’s sister Jae-soon (Yoo Seon), who’s the current wife (and then divorced, and then married to again) of her ex-husband Jo Geum Shik (Choi Dae Chul) was terrible when Da Hae tried to “snatch” Geum Shik and her daughters back (and the little girls totally aren’t helping). Same with Da Hae, Jae-soon’s ex-husband was introduced, and then written out completely after just a few episodes, but at least it was implied that he’s locked away in jail again. With the two exes out of the picture, Jae-soon and Geum Shik’s arc was actually more interesting than all the other relationships in Show.

I couldn’t really care about Gab-soon’s brother Se-gye (Lee Wan) although his mother-in-law (who’s the daughter of Yeo Bong) is downright terribly written and a horrible person overall. She’s spoiled, and spoils her daughter, accuses people of being thief and looks down on those poorer than her (notice the relativity here). Her loveline (I know, WTH right?) with her abandoned son’s adoptive father (so freaking confusing) wasn’t funny nor interesting. I do like that adoptive father-and-son dynamics though, which showed that it’s not necessarily blood thicker than water. I do not, however like the cliche meddlesome parents when it comes to the son, Geum Soo Jo’s (Seo Kang Seok) loveline with a single mother of twins.

Gab-soon’s aunt was irritating, Geum Shik’s sister was irritating, Gab-deol’s female colleague was irritating. I wonder why so many side characters were written, and I don’t know why Show had an 11-episode extension when viewership ratings wasn’t top of its timeslot and Show just simply wasn’t interesting. At least the ending didn’t have a crazy time jump of 30 years. Don’t even bother watching, no matter how much you ship Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun.