There’s nothing to watch on TV this week! (cries in agony) Even Secret is pre-empted by 1 episode, having to give up its Monday’s airing for the elections. Oh well, I kept myself entertained with Netflix’s Sherlock (but sadly, it is unbecoming to blog about non-Kdramas here). Yes, I know I am supposed to finish Tomorrow with You… maybe in another time-space? 😛

 Anyway, the measly 1 ep of Secret had me scratching my head a little. Firstly, I have no idea why anyone would like Jin-wook, I find him pretty much a bully, and a perverse one at that. As mentioned in an earlier post, Jin-wook loves to abuse his authority as Yoo-mi’s boss to make her jump through hoops for his pleasure. And I don’t know if it’s juz me, but I find his habit of getting too close to Yoo-mi verging on sexual harassment than “sexy”. If I’m Yoo-mi, I’ve reported him to the police countless time for exploitation and molest. [kooriyuki: yep, I was rolling my eyes at his antics and thinking to myself, harrassment yo!] Maybe those who find him and his actions romantically attractive are the same people who enjoy Fifty Shades of Grey?

That leads me to the second puzzling point. Jin-wook has been so upfront obnoxious all along that the zingy romance in ep7 is out of place. Suddenly he is all sweet on Yoo-mi, and trying to play the sexy-attractive card. More importantly, Yoo-mi docilely accepts the change in her boss’ behavior and plays along, clearly entranced with his newfound gentle and flirty sides. She also become amazingly perceptive that Jin-wook is merely “pulling her pigtails” and not being mean to her. (huh?)

I think Secret’s narrative wants us to believe that the one-night stand is something so magical that the OTP had an emotionally charged spiritual connection (on top of the clearly physical one) that “connects” them at a deeper level. But sorry, that lame excuse isn’t really working for me. It’s a one-night stand, not a decade of shared stories and conversations between the characters. In contrast, while 1%’s narrative also seems like it “rushed” things along, there is a clear reference to a time skip between each meeting. 1%’s OTP start off as caustic couple, but the next few times we see them, they become generally civil and later, even starts to like each other – because MONTHS have passed.

I’m not aware of a time lag in Secret’s case. The narrative generally happens over the same period(s) of time – either 3 years ago, or current. And so the change in Jin-wook’s attitude and Yoo-mi’s placid acceptance of it come across as jarring. To briefly recap: Yoo-mi had said she was embarrassed by the one-night stand 3 years ago, and wants to forget it and restart on fresh footing with Jin-wook. On the other hand, Jin-wook is annoyed by Yoo-mi’s running away after the deed and now her insistence to not remember the incident. Hence his continued torment of her. Both of which disappear in ep7’s romantic hijinks.

Oh well, or maybe I can’t appreciate Secret’s draw as a rom-com well enough.