Well, at least we are on to something now wrt the OTP’s relationship. All it takes is for them to return to the place where it all started – the Gangwan-do resort. Not only is the locale repeated, but the series of events leading up to their one-night stand 3 years ago are eerily similar. Yoo-mi gets her pretty party dress acquainted with something edible (or drinkable, in this case) again, the Red Wine makes its appearance as the couple’s de facto conversational lubricant, the same Service Manager has to apologise for another of her inept wait staff’s behavior and Jin-wook gets to strip again.

Main difference: no naughty happenings under the sheets (or in the car), but good ol’ honest talking – ok, plus throw in a few hot kisses here and there. And it’s amazing juz how much gets spilled out when the couple are alone and out of the confines of the office, where I suppose, subconsciously, there’s this Boss-Subordinate issue going on. And yay to Jin-wook for taking the lead to confess his feelings to Yoo-mi. Finally, besides us, Yoo-mi gets to see the sensitive guy behind that Annoying Jerk mask.

Unfortunately, Yoo-mi isn’t that forthcoming, even though Jin-wook manages to guess from her face that she isn’t ashamed of their one-night stand experience or disgusted with him. So I don’t really mind him having to literally force it out of her with his (staged) “near-death” experience. It’s hilarious that Jin-wook is loudly whispering to the lifeguards not to “resuscitate” him, and Yoo-mi doesn’t hear his “shoo, GO AWAY!” when she is like, next to his face…even more so, when the “pool” which Jin-wook nearly “drowned” in is only chest deep (even a shortie like Yoo-mi can stand in it…as she’d tried earlier).

But anyway, his rather childish (and obvious) ploy works. And I’m happy that it did. Cos the conversation the couple had after allows their relationship to progress in leaps and bounds. Ironically, while their one-night stand is THE catalyst that started off their relationship, it is also a psychological barrier. When the two of them (particularly Yoo-mi) gets past it, and admit that their connection is MORE than sexual, the two are very compatible. Yoo-mi is considerate and patient, a foil to Jin-wook’s driven (but sometimes, caustic) nature. I think besides Jin-wook’s trusty Secretary Jang, Yoo-mi is the next person to recognize that Jin-wook is rather vulnerable.

The only dark clouds in the horizon are Jin-wook’s dad, who for some reason, is pretty hung up on having Hye-ri as his daughter-in-law. We are probably going to have the usual she-is-not-suitable-for-you spiel coming from Jin-wook’s family.

I’m not that concerned over Hye-ri though. I do find her slightly more likeable than 1%’s Joo-hee, who is a plain nut case. Hye-ri may be bitchy, but she does garner some sympathy. Like Hyun-tae, she has been crushing on Jin-wook for the longest time, but unlike Hyun-tae, she owns up to her feelings – juz too bad she doesn’t know how to make a graceful exit, and confuses clinginess with determination.