After a rather meandering debut, Suspicious picks up its pace in eps 3-4 (or 5-8 under the new ep grouping, which is bloody confusing). I find the narrative to be pretty fast paced, and our OTP really waste no time in falling (hard) for each other. The dialogue is witty; and really, both Ji Chang-wook and Nam Ji-hyun have so much to say at machine gun’s speed, I sometimes have a hard time catching up with the subs.

While Ji Chang-wook‘s Ji-wook is close to the usual cool-chaebol prototype, I find it hard to pigeon hole Nam Ji-hyun’s Bong-hee. I have seen my fair share of sweet, bubbly Candies, sassy Dominatrixes and everything in between, but Bong-hee is something new to Kdramaland’s female lead.

On one hand, she appears to be the typical Kdrama klutzy female lead – juz count the number of times she makes big movements on screen, or falls flat on her face (as in literally). In a way, Bong-hee is reminiscent of several pretty actresses who uglify themselves to suit the Klutz role (re: Lee Ha-na in High School King of Savvy). But she isn’t physically unattractive. Far from it. Nam Ji-hyun is always cast in smart pastel pants suit, which enhances rather than diminishes Bong-hee’s feminine appeal.

Then again, like a typical Klutz, Bong-hee also has a big problem with her brain-mouth co-ordination; she tends to shoot her mouth off then realize “oops! Did I juz say that?” However, her clownish behavior is tempered with instances where she is more subdued such as, when she lays out her difficulties to an annoyed Ji-wook. Bong-hee’s honest assessment of her financial situation also extends to her personal life – namely, her unspoken crush on Ji-wook. While she may appear a little dim outwardly (and she owns up that she isn’t the sharpest pencil in Law School), Bong-hee doesn’t shy away from criticism. She gets the subtext Ji-wook is sending her in court, about stalking (whether it’s with bad or non-intention) is still disturbing to the stalkee.

And Bong-hee is understandably upset that Ji-wook thinks her annoying (and perhaps, terrifying?), so she promises herself (and him, in a blurted-out-makes-no-sense speech) that she will impose a Restraining Order on herself. A Restraining Order that is immediately tossed into the wind the next time she sees Ji-wook (which is probably 10 mins later?).

The typical Kdrama female lead, whether she takes a short or a super long time to realize her crushee/ idol dislikes her, will probably take at LEAST one full ep to mope, leaving the male lead to figure out that he doesn’t really dislike her, despite what he said. But not so for Bong-hee. She goes from zero to one immediately. The next time Ji-wook comes around (which as I mentioned, is pretty soon) and shows that wee bit of concern for her, Bong-hee interprets it (correctly) as he doesn’t mean what he said earlier. Which we know for a fact is true, but it’s still eye popping (but funny) the way she comes around this fast to reneging on her earlier promise.

And I must say, I find no fault with Bong-hee’s honesty wrt her feelings for Ji-wook – after it’s Ji Chang-wook we are talking about. So I’m fully on her side – it’s full steam ahead for a fangirl’s dream come true. 😛