A year after the tragedy surrounding Yoo-na, Soo-ji appears to have settled in comfortably with her new “family”. Soo-ji, Bo-mi and Kyung-soo are like 3 siblings, with Kyung-soo stuck in between 2 perpetually quarrelling noonas at times, and at others, he is the clueless baby dongsaeng whom Soo-ji sometimes aegyo to get her way, and Bo-mi constantly belittles.

While they are not blood related, Soo-ji’s newfound family members are bound to each other by Hate. All of them have lost someone they loved in the past, and the thirst for revenge is what keeps them going – and also ensures each other’s safety, as ratting out on the group will not help in their long term revenge plans. I’m quite curious as to who Bo-mi and Kyung-soo lost in their pasts, especially Bo-mi. She seems to have some experience of “living in fear” from an aggressor. She initially disagreed with Soo-ji’s insistence to chase down Woo-sung, but changes her mind when Soo-ji explains that the best way to prevent Woo-sung’s victims (his wife and daughter) from living in perpetual fear is to put him safely behind bars where he can no longer hurt them. Was Bo-mi a victim of domestic abuse? And did she lose her mother to an abusive father? That can partially explain Bo-mi’s agoraphobia (I was telling kooriyuki the locks on her door are not going to help her in a fire), and her fear of stepping out to meet people, particularly men.

As for Kyung-soo, he seems to be so balanced (and chirpy) it is hard to imagine he EVER did lose a loved one. But I am sure we will get more hints of his backstory in the coming eps, after all, it’s only 4eps (or 8) into Lookout.

Do-han and Soo-ji are the characters whom we have the most access to in terms of their back stories. But what piques my interest at this point (and it’s pretty early, I know), is how soon Soo-ji will figure out Do-han is one of the Leaders of the group. Unlike Bo-mi and Kyung-soo, who have ascribed near-supernatural abilities to their Leader and are close to worshipping him as God, Soo-ji is more detached and analytical. In ep4 (or 8), she cleverly figures out that for their Leader to have access to so much insider info on Chief Prosecutor Yoon, s/he must be someone who is also a prosecutor, and close enough to Yoon Seung-ro to dish out his dirty secrets. Definitely not her old friend, Prosecutor Kim, who is very much in Yoon Seung-ro’s Little Black Book.

So…the next logical candidate would be smarmy Prosecutor Jang. However, knowing Soo-ji’s feud with him, I’ve got a feeling that her detest of Do-han may cloud her otherwise sharp thinking. Probably she’d rather it be anyone BUT him.

As for Do-han, I must applaud him for literally hiding in plain sight. I guess his aversion to having people bring up his background is also a way to prevent his identity from being leaked to the Chief Prosecutor, the man who sent his dad to the gallows. Plus, it totally suits the persona he is grooming – the (genius) country bumpkin who wants to climb up the social ladder ASAP in order to shed away his less-than-stellar past. However, for Lookout’s narrative to progress, his true identity has to be revealed to the team members soon. Especially when we know Prosecutor Kim – the antithesis of Prosecutor Jang – will be recruited into the team. It’s near impossible for the two men to have a meaningful conversation now without Do-han purposely snubbing Eun-joong for his “ineffectiveness”.