It doesn’t take much to figure out the reason for Ji-wook’s animosity towards Eun-hyuk — he slept with Ji-wook’s ex-girlfriend. But what is surprising is how far back the 3 of them go. We learn in ep 3 that Eun-hyuk and Yoo-jung are Ji-wook’s best friends and their friendship goes way back to the times when they are children. The two were there to support young Ji-wook when his father died. For the socially inept and sometimes withdrawn Ji-wook, I won’t be surprised if Eun-hyuk and Yoo-jung turn out to be his ONLY friends. (well, until Bong-hee comes crashing in) In fact, I’d think given their long friendship, Eun-hyuk/ Yoo-jung are almost like heart-siblings to Ji-wook.

So no wonder Ji-wook is upset at the betrayal. It’s no longer juz catching his girlfriend cheating on him. But the person she cheated with is his almost-brother. And given that the 3 used to stick around all the time – even in adulthood, they work in the same line – it is near impossible to avoid running into each other. I fully understand why Yoo-jung decides to run away, not only juz from shame, but also a way to salvage the mess.

While it is easy to condemn the adulterers, when we learn that Eun-hyuk had been the first person to romantically like Yoo-jung, and had tried his best to suppress his feelings when Yoo-jung ends up liking Ji-wook, his loss of control then becomes pretty sympathetic. Not that I agree with his (or Yoo-jung’s) actions, but given that Eun-hyuk is candid about his transgression and is not making excuses for his lapse, I am hoping Ji-wook can come around to forgiving him. Cos we know that even today, he still has not given up loving Yoo-jung.

Though I want Ji-wook to forgive Eun-hyuk and Yoo-jung, it doesn’t lessen the awkwardness the 3 feel of having to work together (or meeting each other in Courtrooms). Especially for Eun-hyuk/ Ji-wook. The bromantic pair are in the same law firm and have to face each other day in day out.

But that pales in comparison to Ji-wook having to look at Bong-hee 24/7 – after he flatly rejects her in ep5. There is nowhere for poor Bong-hee to hide (and cry) since she is Ji-wook’s tenant (not sure if she pays rent though), and he calls her out to share home-cooked meals with him in the day/night, he is her boss and they both work in the same Home-Office in the day… yikes. I cringe in embarrassment for Bong-hee when she runs off after the rejection to her room to cry, and ends up facing Ji-wook with swollen lids the next morning. Both of them know what happened, but are side stepping THE reason.

Doesn’t help at all when Ji-wook’s other colleagues – Eun-hyuk, Chairman Byeon and Officer Bang – all know about Bong-hee’s long-time crush on Ji-wook. The only silver lining is Bong-hee’s unnaturally thick skin which may save her from some of the merciless teasing and sidelong glances.