Do-han probably got more than what he bargained for when he included Soo-ji into his vigilante group. Our seasoned detective isn’t like Kyung-soo or Bo-mi, who are easily strung around by hanging a carrot in front of their noses. While Soo-ji is grateful that the shadowy Leader gave her a second lease in life and also a chance for revenge on Yoo-na’s death, she isn’t going to juz blindly follow instructions.Soo-ji’s instinctive actions to save Woo-sung’s daughter from the kidnapping operation and the resulting hoo-ha from the public on why a fugitive is STILL running loose after a year is only the start of Do-han’s headache.

In ep5 (or 9-10), Soo-ji very nearly outed Do-han’s identity – he literally escaped by a hair’s breadth. If Soo-ji had turn around juz a minute earlier to open the confessional box’s door, she’d have squarely caught Do-han sitting inside it. And the tricks she learnt from the criminals she caught? Now that she is sitting on the other side of the fence, she has no qualms applying what she previously recorded in the police’s statements (and probably admired). One of the many tricks includes the wireless hacking Kyung-soo earlier demonstrated on Woo-sung’s mobile phone. Soo-ji tries that on Gwan-woo (the Priest), and manages to catch part of the conversation between Gwan-woo and Do-han.

Luckily (or unfortunately?) Do-han is as much of a match for Soo-ji when it comes to analytical skills and plotting. He is immediately aware that Gwan-woo’s phone has been hacked when Gwan-woo calls him and he thinks back to the night at the church. And while he can’t un-hack Gwan-woo’s phone, he can destroy the other side of the link – his own burner phone. Though it confirms Soo-ji’s suspicions and convinces the other two that their Leader is a prosecutor, who is probably in close proximity to Chief Prosecutor Yoon or the Investigation Team out to capture Soo-ji.

Do-han’s participation in the twin investigation to hunt down Soo-ji triggers more questions than answers, imo. On one hand, you can argue that being near the action helps ensure the vigilantes NEVER get caught – cos he has insider’s info (and he did manage to use Gwan-woo to warn the team in time). But, when we learnt that Do-han (and maybe Gwan-woo?) planned the sting operation on Kyung-soo and Soo-ji, I can’t help but wonder at Do-han’s real intention. I suppose his team members are starting to doubt their leader’s so-called “promise” to help them exact revenge. Cos Soo-ji (like us) have been raising the same questions: what is the Leader’s intention? If his goal is Chief Prosecutor Yoon (and it seems that all the teams’ revenge had to do with him), why are they given “side line tasks” like capturing a serial rapist-robber who had evaded justice? And lastly, why out the team while doing so?

My opinion of Do-han at the moment is he is simply using Soo-ji et al as pawns. In eps1/2, he made Woo-sung confess his crimes, but I believe Do-han’s intention was not so much as capturing Woo-sung, but using him as a means to get close to Prosecutor Oh and hence, Chief Prosecutor Yoon. Thus, Woo-sung would have been released again eventually. But along the way, Yoo-na’s incident happened. And Do-han probably sees this opportunity as a fast track to Chief Prosecutor’s good books. Whether it was a moment of soft heartedness (since he can empathise with Soo-ji losing a loved one and the injustice she felt), or he sees Soo-ji’s past-police experience as a bonus for the team, Do-han decides to “save” Soo-ji by recruiting her.

Do-han’s astuteness and his ability to “read the pulse” of his team is again exemplified when the team begins to doubt Leader’s intention – particularly his 2 previous followers, Kyung-soo and Bo-mi. Do-han throws them a case which is highly personal to Bo-mi, thereby distracting them…and reassuring their complicity and co-operation.
(but omg…poor Bo-mi. now we know the real reason she hides in a room all day is because she fears (rightly) for her own life against an unknown but seemingly familiar aggressor)