It’s pretty rare for kdramas to “show their hands” so early into the story, but here we have Suspicious progressing pretty fast – on all fronts.

For Bong-hee/ Ji-wook’s love line, it wasn’t really that long ago (in fact, juz 1.5 eps before last week’s) that Ji-wook bluntly turned down Bong-hee, causing that poor gal to cry her eyes out. And in a space of the next ep, Ji-wook is all ready to eat his words. After dashing to rescue supposed Bong-hee-Damsel-in-distress, Ji-wook belatedly (or not) realises that he does like Bong-hee, and admits to himself (and us) in his usual mental soliloquy that he probably started liking her since their first meeting in the hotel. And he doesn’t waste time wondering what he should do to unstick the foot he placed in his mouth a few days back. Thanks to his quick action, we get a swoony kiss to end ep8 (16).



And I must commend him for his prompt follow-up, even though he is on the receiving end of an-almost rejection by a confused, and rightly annoyed, Bong-hee the same night he kissed her. His confession comes bright and early the next morning, catching the still sleep addled Bong-hee by surprise. Ji-wook isn’t shy about the grovelling bit either, he is all ready to make amends even if they include a hang-dog face, puppy eyes, and the whole Ji Chang-wook-melts-your-heart package. (it’s a wonder Bong-hee hasn’t jumped him already)

Of course, the lady in question hasn’t really turned her heart into the “still water” she claims she had, cos Bong-hee is clearly overjoyed to finally have her feelings reciprocated. Her petulant whining to make him “suffer in return” doesn’t exactly materialised. Which is well and good, cos the two of them half bickering, half cozying up to each other is a joy to watch. And I do like that the ex-girlfriend, Yoo-jung, isn’t a bitch too. While she is a little peeved at Ji-wook and Eun-hyuk for having moved on without her, she is very much regretting that she was part of the reason why she is no longer included in their group. So I’m quite confident that Yoo-jung may end up unearthing Hyun-soo’s dark secret together with Ji-wook et al. when she starts re-investigating Bong-hee’s “murder” case.

Besides the romance, the thriller front is also pretty thick with developments. As early as ep3, we were given the identity of the suspect for Hee-joon’s murder. Chan-ho, working under the authority of a forensic officer, made contact with Bong-hee, and attempts to hide evidence from her. Not long after, we learn that while Chan-ho isn’t the killer, he has been helping Hyun-soo cover his tracks using his expertise. And Chan-ho’s swiping of a digital key under Bong-hee’s desk in ep3 suddenly makes sense. I’d earlier thought he was the killer, and he realised he lost the key when he came over the second time to Bong-hee’s ratty office. The look of surprise on his face was a tad confusing then. Turns out, Hyun-soo was the one who visited Bong-hee’s office with the pair of new shoes the night before.

And to have Hyun-soo become one of Ji-wook/ Bong-hee’s first client is a good twist. Even though I keep getting the “something’s off” vibe from Hyun-soo, the parallels between Hyun-soo and Bong-hee’s cases mislead me into thinking that Hyun-soo will be like the earlier Stalker Guy. He probably has another secret, but irrelevant to the overarching mystery of the serial killings. Turns out to be so wrong. Now that we know Chan-ho has been somehow blackmailed into helping Hyun-soo, and the latter seems to be on a personal vendetta in righting a wrong (done to the girl in headphones?), I am so curious to learn about Hyun-soo’s backstory.

Not forgetting though, our OTP’s backstory as well, which Suspicious gives us a glimpse in ep10 (20). Both Ji-wook and Bong-hee appear to have complicated family relationships – with Ji-wook’s “mum” being a friend of his deceased mum, and Chairman Byun being an almost surrogate father (and husband to Mdm Hong). No wonder Chairman Byun weirdly listens to Mdm Hong’s advice to help Ji-wook out financially and he is able to take so much of Ji-wook’s nonsense at work – an ordinary boss (no matter how nice he is) would have sacked Ji-wook (who isn’t a team player) from his law firm already. Bong-hee too, says she has “2 Dads” as Ji-wook has “2 Mums”…but ep10 leaves us hanging at that. Given that Suspicious doesn’t like to drag out its storyline, I’m pretty sure Bong-hee’s familial mystery will be solved by the next eps.