Lookout: Uh-oh

It seems like it won’t be only Soo-ji who will unearth Leader’s identity, but the Bad Guys have started to eye Do-han with suspicions as well. It is partly Soo-ji’s fault, since she hasn’t been following orders to keep under the radar. With her rather high profile exposure following the re-capturing of Woo-sung, it is getting harder for Do-han to keep her and his team under wraps. So logically, the next best solution would be to pretend to the Bad Guys that he is juz as interested in tracking down Fugitive Soo-ji, while on the other hand, try his best to keep his little team safe. Since these two objectives are at war with each other, Do-han has a hard time juggling them.

And in the recent eps7/8, we see the balls nearly falling out of Juggler Do-han’s grasp. He underestimated Bo-mi’s PTSD when she is confronted with the killer who murdered her entire family. Of cos, he can’t have predicted Jin-gu will murder Bo-mi’s uncle, and right before her eyes as well, thereby triggering her anxiety attack. And since he is unaware and isn’t there to help Bo-mi, the one person who does care and will help is Soo-ji. Unfortunately, she is already too well-known to make it to Bo-mi’s over-locked apartment undetected. Which then leads to the series of events that cause Soo-ji to suffer a gunshot wound, and Chief Prosecutor Yoon to start second guessing Do-han’s words, when his lackey Byung-jae is telling a different story from Do-han.

Even though Soo-ji may be a live wire in his team, imo, Do-han’s cover will be blown sooner or later. It is difficult for him to work alone to spy on Chief Prosecutor Yoon, manoeuvre Yoon’s friends and enemies around and at the same time, keep tabs on his team and the assignments he gives them. Even without Prosecutor Eun-joong working against him, Do-han already has a fair share of enemies who think he is Yoon’s lackey and will not share information with him.

I’m juz worried that when the day comes (and I think it may be soon) that Do-han’s identity as Leader is made known to the Bad Guys’ team, will he be able to protect himself? At the end of ep8, Soo-ji appears to know the owner of the bloody hanky, and is aware that Do-han may be more than what he seems. Possibly she already suspects that he is the Leader, since she is very sure that Priest Gwan-woo is also juz taking orders. If so, she may be juz the best partner Do-han can rely on if things get hairy (cos Lee Shi-young as action packed Soo-ji rocks, and I know I’m repeating myself).

Also, I’m looking forward to Eun-joong figuring out that Do-han is on the same camp as him, juz that he is “working undercover”. While Do-han may be good at connecting with people and manipulating them, I sometimes feel he forgets that these are human beings that he is using as pawns. In contrast, Eun-joong may not be as “flexible” when it comes to social engineering (being more of a straight laced, by-the-book type), he has a stronger moral compass than Do-han. Even now, when faced with Soo-ji’s disillusionment over the judicial system, Eun-joong hasn’t given up hope. He still wants Soo-ji to turn herself in, and let him solve it according to the laws.

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