I’m disappointed how this turned out in the end, boring and typical of the weekenders although on the bright side, it’s better than Our Gab-soon. It had potential to be different but it chose to go down the same path as most other family dramas. I have to admit I procrastinated writing this review partly due to work, but also because there’s nothing much to write about Show.

I thought the most ridiculous character was that of Kim Jae Won‘s, the lost brother seeking ragey Lee Hyun Woo. The truth behind the schoolbus accident which eventually caused the suicide of his father was revealed midway through Show, and when you thought Hyun Woo will get more reasonable knowing that who he thinks is his lost brother Han Song-joon (Lee Tae Hwan), is well taken care of by who he thinks drove his father to death, he learns that his brother is dead (which turns out to be wrong information) and Hyun Woo is back to being ragey and vows total revenge.

A third of the time was dedicated at Hyun Woo’s stupid revenge, while a third on the Han household’s neverending problems, and a third on Song-joon’s girlfriend Oh Dong-hee’s (Park Eun-bin) birth secret (groans). The three Han siblings (sans Song-joon) are pretty much useless things despite having reputable jobs – (ex-)journalist, (ex-)lawyer and (ex-)announcer. After running into problems (partly no thanks to Hyun Woo too as it was part of his revenge), all three of them moved back with their own families in tow to their parents, with over 10 people crammed into a three-storey apartment. On top of it, Dong-hee and her Granny moved in as well, being part of the eldest son’s family.

Of the household problems, I particularly enjoyed the storyline of the highly stressed out teenage grandson Han Ji-hoon (Shin Ki Joon). It addresses the extreme stress school kids in South Korea face, having to attend tuition classes one after another just to maintain their top positions in school in order to enter prestigious universities in the future. Ji-hoon went to unthinkable measures, aided by his doctor uncle, to escape his slightly crazed (for number 1) mother. His uncle helped him because Ji-hoon attempted suicide, and while in real life the parents will be told immediately, in drama they came up with a birth switch-a-roo, since Ji-hoon was born at the same time as his cousin Chang-soo (Son Bo-seung). Both youngsters found their callings after “switching” mothers, which I suppose is a good thing for them?

Otherwise, Show is boring with Dong-hee’s birth secret, focusing on that instead of the cute she shares with Song-joon. There must of course be a third wheel between them, who is actually Dong-hee’s cousin, a career woman but is otherwise an ill-mannered spoilt brat no thanks to her unscrupulous father. Dong-hee’s parents were killed and grandmother kept in mental institute, by this horrible uncle, all in the name of inheriting grandmother’s business. He was unrepenting till the end, and basically the whole arc was to fill the airtime.

While Lee Soo-kyung was supposedly one of the leads, as she plays the character of Han Jeong-eun, the love interest of Hyun Woo, she virtually did nothing in changing his mind nor anything else, and its a shame that her character is really not needed. She and her parents belong to a minor arc that’s a terrible filler, just like most of the other minor arcs in Show.

I thought Lee Tae-hwan while still being a little green, was convincing in his portrayal at the end as he learnt the truth of his identity. His chemistry with Park Eun-bin was pretty cute too, and their scenes pretty much kept me going and they were too few and far between after the first third of Show. In essence, don’t bother with this unless you’re really really free.