Bride is turning out to be like Goblin, with all forms of heavenly beings comingling with us, puny humans. But unlike Goblin, not all the gods in Bride are nice and principled. And there seems to be more internal politics (I likened it to an elevated sageuk-ish type of palace politics) in Bride, with poor humans as collateral damage.

We have so far been introduced to 3 confirmed godly figures – Ha-baek, Mu-ra (both Water God-types, with Mu-ra being lower on the pecking order) and Bi-ryum (Air God). There is supposedly another god, whom we have yet to see, who is also a guardian of the Divine Stone. Joo-dong, would be either an Earth (or Fire, if the scriptwriters follow the manhwa) God.

While Ha-baek is confident that there are no hanky-panky involved in his quest for Kingship, So-ah (and myself) are not so sure. The circumstances surrounding the Divine Stones and how they went missing are highly mysterious. Mu-ra and Bi-ryum are clearly not forthcoming in their answers, such as why are they at So-ah’s ancentral grounds (the setting looks like that plot of land) in the first place, and the reason for their fight. Mu-ra also mentioned that she was brought there by Joo-dong cos the latter said there is “something strange” going on.

And where is Joo-dong? He has strangely disappeared after breaking up the fight between Mu-ra and Bi-ryum. Although Mu-ra chalks this up as his trademarked doggedness, I have a bad feeling about it. Did Joo-dong instigate the fight in the first place, knowing that Mu-ra and Bi-ryum’s Divine Stones will be tossed out in the process? And what is Geol-rin’s role in this? There seems to be some secret surrounding his banishment from the Heavenly Realms, even though Namsuri explains it away as stemming from Ha-baek/ Mu-ra’s fight.

Other than the piling list of questions around the Gods, there’s another character whose identity itself is a question mark – Shin Hu-ye. His name literally means “Descendant of the God”. In the manhwa, he IS the son of a powerful God (the Emperor God in fact). In Bride, he is a nephew of Scroochy Chairman Shin, but we are not too sure if they are biologically related. According to Ja-ya, his name is recorded later into the Shin’s Family Register, and she views him more like a leech than an uncle (even in name).

Even without his birth secret (or mystery), Hu-ye is…strange. While I have no issues with his hobby as a gardener (and omg, his “garden” looks like a FOREST?), he somehow does not like other people invading his green space. And ironically, he claims to be able to “hear” people's innermost thoughts and feelings, but he somehow has issues understanding emotional nuances. He has taken So-ah at face value in his previous brushes with her, and cannot fathom why she is annoyed with him after.

In addition, Hu-ye also “fails” in his own portrayal of “human-ness”. He needs to study joke-books, in order to learn how to crack a joke. I don’t think he understands that cracking a joke is spontaneous and not something you can memorise out of a joke-book. As it is, cos of his poor timing (and he claims to be an Empath), his jokes always fall flat, or are taken too seriously by the listener (in some cases, they even come across as hurtful).

I suppose in Goblin’s world, the Gods (or Soul Reapers) have walked the human realm far much longer than Bride’s Gods – most of whom are considered “newbies” in the human world. Probably that can explain why they still stick out like sore thumbs?