[Note from kooriyuki: I guess with my limited time to blog, I can only give short posts if I want to write about more dramas. Thanks for understanding!]

My first thought after finishing both episodes (I’ll take it as 1 episode is 60min): Please be something like Forest of Secrets (yes, that’s how much I ❤ that drama)! It’s a good thing I suppose, that sab and I have pretty different tastes in dramas, and we can cover wider grounds (provided we have the time to watch AND write).

Anyway, Falsify is off with a good start and I’m already invested in the pursuit of truth our hero Han Moo-young (Namgoong Min) has set out. Show seems to be a promising underdog (+ conspiracy) story, starting with Moo-young being a young and innocent judo (? or karate) athelete, only to have his life turned entirely upside down when he was falsely accused of taking drugs during a competition. To make things worse, his older brother Chul-ho (extended appearance by Oh Jung-se) hadn’t been himself lately and ends up being killed by truck-o-doom. I groaned at that scene, and of course it was a murder.

Chul-ho was a journalist at a very reputable news firm, Daehan News. Guilt-ridden by a false article he wrote (instigated by his superior no less), Chul-ho tried to right his wrong, only to be killed, unsurprisingly. Chul-ho’s colleague Lee Seok-min (Yoo Joon-sang) takes much pride in his line of work, and was naturally disappointed at Chul-ho. A series of misunderstandings led Seok-min to keep his distance from Moo-young, and the latter ended up as a third-rate journalist with an acquaintance of Chul-ho’s, Yang Dong-shik (Jo Hee Bong), in order to find out the truth behind Chul-ho’s death.

I’m waiting for Moo-young, Seok-min and prosecutor Kwon So-ra (Eom Ji-won) to work together, as they’re all after the same shady powerful people. When Moo-young was accused of taking drugs, So-ra was assigned as the prosecutor for his case but she doubted him as the evidence submitted were tampered with. She’s a no-nonsense prosecutor with a keen sense of justice, traits that don’t sit well with her superior Im Ji-tae (Park Won Sang), who’s actually in cahoots with the Daehan’s Chief to fabricate news reports to cover up scandals and crimes.

I’m also curious about who, and what kind of scandals the higherups are involved in, that require prosecutors as well as news firm to cover up. I think this is not far off from reality, as it should be well-known to any KPop fans that when some entertainment scandals pop up, it’s usually to cover political scandals. I hope the writer will not let us down, especially with what we’re shown in Show so far! Fingers crossed!