I find Bride’s pace to be a little slow – it’s already ep12, and Habaek is still power-less in the human realm. The romantic front (which the entire show hinges on) is dragging too much on the angst until I find myself nodding off. However, one character has proven himself to be fairly interesting – Hu-ye. We finally learn of his identity, he is the unwanted son of a God and a human female. After being cast out to the human realm for good (and for reasons unknown), Hu-ye gets adopted and tries very hard to make himself fit in.

It’s not Im Joo-hwan’s first time playing a character who is “fundamentally evil” (the Gods fear him as an anomaly, but more so cos he is capable of killing a God), yet stirs up sympathy. In Oh My Ghostess!, he plays a police officer possessed by an evil spirit, which when it leaves him, left the human bereft and guilt stricken for the deeds he has committed. In Bride, Hu-ye’s background is already pretty sad. He is a unwanted child – born either from the rape (?) of a human female by a God, or a forbidden Love between the two. Either way, he is forcibly taken away from his human mother. Instead of nurturing him, his godly father hides him away in a cave, without food.

Bi-ryum makes reference to Hu-ye ‘murdering’ his fellow Gods in the past, something which Hu-ye claims no memory of. I’m taking Bi-ryum’s words with a pinch of salt, since he can be quite hot headed and easily blind-sided by his emotions. It’s likely Bi-ryum has mistaken Hu-ye for another demi-god, who is more bloodthirsty. Or Hu-ye suffered a memory loss after coming to the human realm. At the moment, it doesn’t seem as though Hu-ye is a mass murderer, even though he has on some occasions (i.e. the brushes with Bi-ryum), shown that he can potentially cause serious damage.  So far, Hu-ye has been proactively trying to rein in his dark side, and has been successful doing so.

However, Bi-ryum’s endless provocation (and possibly Habaek’s) may push Hu-ye over the edge. Bi-ryum isn’t inclined to let Hu-ye be, despite Mu-ra’s nagging. It’d quite sad then, if Hu-ye really decides to let loose his dark side, juz cos the others kept taunting and baiting him to do so. All his hard work at trying to be and do good will be flushed down the drain.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have a so-called powerful God (and God-King-to-be), who is ironically powerless in the human realm. I’ve mentioned that until ep12, Habaek hasn’t regained his powers. We only KNOW he is powerful, cos everybody says so – and those 2-3 instances where his powers magically come back when he is saving So-ah. Otherwise, he is very un-Godlike – he needs to sleep, eat and get into scrapes when drunk, like the rest of us.

Hopefully, his quick trip back (and forth) into the God realm has allow him to regain his godly powers? If not, I don’t know how he will be able to protect his human lover, given that Hu-ye has begun to show interest in So-ah. And another qns…if Habaek and So-ah do get married (since, ahem…So-ah is “Bride”), then will their union bring forth another demi-god, who will be hated by everybody in the God realm? Come to think of it, we also need more info on Hu-ye’s parentage.

So…Bride, PLS pick up your pace!