For the first time in Journey’s history, the cast manages to get ALL 7 dragon balls. In part mostly thanks to Minho‘s early game changing play where he managed to turn rounds and yet pinpoint the Lamborghini spot on Na PD’s infamous Wheel of (Mis)fortune (misfortune to Na PD mainly). The final challenges which Na PD issues to Kyuhyun and Minho aren’t easy-peasy either. Kyuhyun (who has earned the nick of Alcoholic Kyuhyun cos the cast outed him as an alcohol lover) has to guess the brands of soju which he will taste in a tiny soju glass. And he manages to get them correct. (omg — they all look the same…and in terms of alcoholic content, similar. taste similar too!)

Minho again defeated Na PD by managing to flip a half-filled bottle upright. And so the cast will get their wishes granted after this season of Journey is over. And Minho wants to go with his Winner boyband on a Boys over Flower trip — so we can look forward to the programme soon!

Besides the ridiculously difficult finale games, other noteworthy moments are Lee Su-geun being a veritable jukebox. He really seems to know every song by its intro opening, and gets it correct all the time to stuff his face silly with beer and BBQ seafood (so much so he whines he is full, but continues not to let his teammates have any chance at eating). On the other hand, Kyuhyun is on par with Su-geun when it comes to guessing movie-themed questions. If Su-geun is a jukebox, Kyuhyun probably is a movie rental store. He is able to guess correctly a movie title based on snippets of dialogues the cast lets them hear. (wow)

The only slight grouch I have about this season’s Journey is the almost disappearance of Ahn Jae-hyun. We know he is there, but he somehow has faded into the background as more attention is given to Kyuhyun and Minho. I suppose this has something to do with the editing rather than Jae-hyun losing interest? I certainly hope to see a return of impish Jae-hyun…soon. In Part 2, Hanoi, perhaps?