First Impression: Three Meals a Day (Sea Ranch, Season II)

Tbh, I am losing interest in Three, cos it can get a little boring just watching a bunch of guys (and some animals, and sometimes, guests) cook, clean, farm (or fish)…and shop. While Cha Seung-won’s gang impressed me with their different skill sets, and their very strong sense of “family love”, I honestly don’t get the same feel in Lee Seo-jin’s set up with Eric and  Yoon Kyun-sang. The Seo-jinnie set up gives me the vibes of 3 guys (or 3 brothers) on a quasi rough-it-out road trip. Quasi in the sense that Na PD gives Seo-jinnie more “face”, which translates to more material comforts.

Compared to Chajumma’s rather sad looking hut on an even sadder looking island (with hardly ANY fish), Seo-jinnie’s island is aptly called a “sea ranch”. There are plenty of fish and other edible sea creatures large and small. So much so I got a bit bored watching Kyun-sang maknae haul in loaded catch daily.

Season 2 of Three (Sea) follows the same concept as Season 1, with the guys returning to their aquatic ranches…with the exception of reintroducing Three (Jeongsan)’s Jackson the Goat, and her now not-so-little kids. Kyun-sang’s 2 cats continue to be part of the “cast” as well.

Besides a new animal member, Na PD upgraded their already pretty well-equipped home – with a new fridge, and a new baking kiln. And of cos, new pens for the goat family.

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  1. I will choose Eric-Yoon Kyun Sang brotherhood alone. I think this two is warm to see. I feel Lee Seo Jin is out of cast with them. While Eric-Kyun Sang and the cats are more entertaining, Lee Seo Jin seems a bit bossy for this two that I never felt he treats them like dongsaeng. They respect them like sunbaenim rather than being a brother. I don’t get why Na PD likes Lee Seo Jin too much. I think Eric and Kyun Sang will be more free to show themselves without Lee Seo Jin in the show. Just saying.

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