Final Review: New Journey to the West (Season IV, Part II)

I really think Na PD has gone soft on the cast. In Part I, he gave Min-ho at least 3 chances in scoring the bottle game in order to win the last Dragon Ball, and in Part II, he actually allows all Dragon Balls to be won – albeit by 1 cast member. Lee Su-geun won it, but not cos he is superbly good at quizzes or is able to toss bottles upright or guess soju brands…he won it simply by luck.

First round sees Eun Ji-won and Ahn Jae-hyun eliminated, cos they stood up and yelled “No. 2” together in a common beer game where no two players can be the in the same sequence. Minho is eliminated when he fails to answer a quiz qns (very simple one) correctly. But the funniest is Kyuhyun – he was eliminated cos the earlier 3 eliminees voted him as being the guy “whom they will not intro a younger sis to”. Pwahahaha.

Cos Kyuhyun is “too popular” (in Ji-won’s words), “too self-absorbed” (Jae-hyun) and “loves alcohol too much” (Minho). Kyuhyun took to heart Minho’s comments though, and keeps whining that it is the EDITING that makes him appear to love alcohol, but in fact, it is usually another cast member who invites him to a drink.

Whatever the case, Su-geun wins and is nice enough to not ask for a HUGE pressie. He juz requests for a set of tees to commemorate the cast being together for 2 seasons of Journey. Of cos, his previous wish for a new Samsung G8 phone is also granted. In the editors’ cut, we see the cast gathering around for the pressie distribution, and I must say that Ji-won’s VR set is pretty impressive. Na PD whines that the team had problem purchasing it, cos the VR stuff Ji-won wants are not sold in Korea at the moment and he had to ship them from overseas.

In the second half of the Vietnam trip, Journey takes us to mountainous Sapa, which is beautiful. Their last game involves them running up and down the mountain resort where they stay to complete a game of choices – i.e. choose 1 out of 2 items, and if they turn out to be ok (like a boiled egg instead of a raw one), you win. Surprisingly simple, but also surprisingly tedious. Cos the game will only end when a member of the cast passes thru all the station and is lucky enough to choose all the correct items. (Su-geun wins as well, if u must know)

And while this is not new, I am impressed with the multiple talents the cast have. Although Kang Ho-dong may not be the best in the Brains’ department, he nevertheless has a huge store of trivia knowledge (disclaimer: only if they belong to “his era”). Lee Su-geun is, imo, the smartest hat of the lot. He is a veritable juke box, a movie junkie, a trivia master, and also very alert (in a game of “spot the weird stuff”, he was the first to pick out that the wall fan has no fan blades but it is turning). Ji-won may not be bookish, or strong, but he is always the one who knows how to cut corners and is pretty street-smart. Same for Jae-hyun (who is sometimes even more devilish than Ji-won). Min-ho for all his lack of General Knowledge, is a Black Horse at games, especially those that involves physical activities of some sorts. And he can DRAW! As for Kyuhyun, he is an even more knowledgeable movie junkie than Su-geun.

Now that Kyuhyun is enlisted, I wonder who will be replacing him for next season of Journey? But before that, I am looking forward to Winner’s (Minho’s band) Boys over Flowers trip.

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