First Impression: Temperature of Love

Like I was telling kooriyuki, there’s my favourite sassy female lead and my favourite kettlebell psychopath in Temperature, what’s not to love about it?

Main cast:

  • Seo Hyun-jin (from Another Ms. Oh) as Lee Hyun-soo. A drama writer now, but she was struggling with her dream job 5 years ago (and after having quit a cushy admin post). She happens to meet Jung-sun in an online chat, and they had a wild romance – before breaking up.
  • Yang Se-jong (from Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim) as Oh Jung-sun. Like Hyun-soo, he is quite the character, a little too upright and probably prickly and OCD about what he wants. He falls head over heels in love with Hyun-soo after meeting her in the life for a night jog event.
  • Kim Jae-wook (from Voices) as Park Jung-woo. Another eccentric character. Jung-woo is a rich CEO. He will play the third wheel to the love triangle.
  • Jo Bo-ah (from Sweet Stranger and Me) as Ji Hong-ah. Hyun-soo’s rich-girl bestie.


Based only on ep1. Full recaps on Dramabeans.

Current: Hyun-soo tries to drink alone and ignores the tension building up within her – her source of stress is a PD who chops up and changes her script without her prior knowledge. She decides to storm on to the set to confront said PD, only to realise her crush (Jung-sun) of 5 years ago is on stage. She tries to flee the set with Jung-sun in pursuit.

Flashback 5 years ago, to when Hyun-soo just quit her job to pursue her dream of being a drama scriptwriter. She is so earnest in developing the thriller script her team is working on that she volunteers to be locked up in detention cell overnight “to get inspirations”. She meets up with her bestie (Hong-ah) after work. Hong-ah insists on dragging her to a weekly night jog, and hitching her up with another mutual friend, Jung-sun (whom Hyun-soo met online under a pseudonym a while back).

Although Hyun-soo initially refuses, she nonetheless turns up. Jung-sun too, was not that eager to meet the “Jane” persona (aka Hyun-soo) in real life, but he was interested in running. Along the jog, Hyun-soo loses her way, and Jung-sun volunteers to search for her. For some obscure reason, he falls in love with a sweaty Hyun-soo, and proposes that they date.


Kdrama proves to me that pheromones do work, and they are released during exercise. (lol) Jokes aside, even though the fast-fwd love between Hyun-soo and Jung-sun is a little eyebrow raising, given their similar stubborn but goal-oriented personalities, it is not surprising.

I’ve always loved Seo Hyun-jin for her character portrayals, and especially if she gets complex yet eccentric characters which are in her domain. Her Oh Hae-young in Another Ms Oh is one classic example. Like Hae-young, Hyun-soo is strong-willed, but also brittle. She puts up a brave front and talks herself into optimism even though Life has been throwing her lemons. While she may be deeply regretting giving up a stable OL job, she doesn’t try to let it get in her way of pursuing her life interest – writing.

Similarly for Jung-sun, whom we know relatively less of in ep1, he may be ostracised for being a “parachutist” (a slang for workers who entered a company through connections), he is assured of his abilities and isn’t afraid of telling off others (even his superiors) who think otherwise. Given that the OTP are characters who KNOW what they want and are not afraid of pushing through obstacles to GET what they want, it isn’t totally surprising that Jung-sun feels that they should date, on that evening of 5 years ago. And Hyun-soo reciprocates too, though she is hem-hawing cos she knows he is younger.

The third wheel, Jung-woo, whom we have seen in ep1 for all of 15mins?, is also a character whom I feel is very similar to the OTP. He may be rich (or a chaebol), but he has a mind of his own. Though he has fallen in love with Jung-sun(‘s food), his pride doesn’t allow him to finish the dish. Ok, maybe he is a little extreme. But he comes across as someone who doesn’t follow trends blindly, and chooses to keep an eye on facts and goals.

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