Temperature of Love: Hotter? Colder?

I find myself liking the title of this show a lot, since it aptly describes the ebb and flow of human relationship, where no matter how “close/ distant” or how “long/ short” you have been with another person, things can cool off or heat up.

While the OTP is the embodiment of the temperature fluctuation inherent in all human relationships, their friends and their interactions with them also reflect that. Hong-ah used to be best pals with Hyun-soo, and had always been the first to console her or come to her defense whenever Hyun-soo is depressed or bullied by her superior at work. However, their bff relationship is unable to withstand two things: 1) Hyun-soo’s gradual upward swing in life and 2) Hong-ah’s pride. I suppose no. 2 is the defining reason why their friendship is put to test and eventually broken (at least for now). Hong-ah is used to being “upper-class” and likes being in the position where she can help people. But she does not take it very well when she ends up being on the other end of the stick.

So when Hyun-soo gets accepted instead of her in the writing competition, Hong-ah loses that “authority” she insidiously holds over her close friend. Suddenly, Hyun-soo no longer needs her comfort, and is on her way to achieving her writer dream much earlier than Hong-ah, who always had the impression that SHE will be one step ahead, being younger, more affluent (and well-connected), etc. This unhappiness builds up over the 5 years while working under Hyun-soo as an assistant writer.

And to add to the insult, Hyun-soo, who is her unni, lands the guy of her dreams, Jung-sun. Hong-ah is probably too used to having attention showered on her (a good example would be Won-joon, who has been hovering over her since time immemorial) since she is pretty and dresses well. I kind of get the impression that Hong-ah probably got a whiff of Jung-sun’s interest in Hyun-soo as early as their first meeting during the night jog event, and this actually MIGHT have spurred Hong-ah’s competitive nature to “steal” her unni’s man.

Talking about competitive nature, the other second lead in Temperature will soon end up in a cold (or heated) war with his bromantic other half. I enjoyed watching Jung-woo and Jung-sun’s verbal bantering with each other – it borders close to a romantic relationship, if I daresay. With the closing of ep16, where Jung-woo finally finds that the guy Hyun-soo has been pining over for the last 5 years is none other than his beloved “dongsaeng”, Jung-sun, I wonder how their relationship will go on from there.

Would Jung-woo graciously back off? Given his competitive nature (he is a businessman, and the rags to riches type), it is unlikely he will go out without a fight. At the very least, I hope he fights clean. At least to come out right and inform Jung-sun (and Hyun-soo) about his intentions, and not do sneaky things behind their backs with the intention to cause misunderstandings between the OTP in the hope to break them up.

Then again, it may be hard to break up the OTP. The two of them had been pretty steadfast in their mutual attraction to each other, even after a separation of 5 years.

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