First Impression: 20th Century Boy and Girl

kooriyuki was supposed to be reviewing this show…but then, I beat her to it again. (Bwahahah) [kooriyuki: -_-ll Show seems pretty decent so far, definitely continuing with this!]

Main cast:

  • Han Ye-seul (from Madame Antoine) as Sa Jin-jin. She’s a super model and actress, but without the ego to match. In her high school days, she and besties, Ah-reum, Young-shim and crush, Ji-won, used to be in a high school pop band.
  • Kim Ji-suk (from Another Oh Hae-young) as Gong Ji-won. He is now an investment banker, and happens to unite with Jin-jin in Hong Kong.
  • Lee Sang-woo (from Feast of the Gods) as Anthony. He plays the 3rd wheel between the OTP, and he is Jin-jin’s idol.


We are introduced to Jin-jin and her rivalry with fellow model, Da-young, which eventually culminated into a scandal (which I think, but as yet unconfirmed) is Da-young’s doing. In a soft porn vid released, the female “actress” appears to look a lot like Jin-jin. As a result, Jin-jin is swamped by reporters on her return from a work trip in Hong Kong.

Thankfully, a man saves her and leads her away from the mob of reporters. Jin-jin recognises her saviour as her long lost high school crush, Ji-won. Ji-won had earlier bumped into Jin-jin (without her being aware) several times in HK, where he was based as an investment manager. On his return to Korea, he rented the same apartment he used to lived in (where Jin-jin was his neighbour upstairs.)


But just as Jin-jin is reminiscing over her almost forgotten crush, another man appears in the horizon. She receives notice to work with Anthony, her idol, in a pretend-marriage kind of variety show.


A little slow-going, imo. But watchable thus far. 20th cast mainly comprises “List B” types of actors/ actresses, who (other than Han ye-seul) are more commonly seen playing supportive roles. But that doesn’t mean they are “lousy”. In fact, compared to some of the main Idol-type actors/ actresses which they had been cast with in the past, their acting skills are far better.

To prove the point, Ryu Hyoun-kyoung willingly puts on several extra kilos in order to better portray Ah-reum, Jin-jin’s straight talking, but a little idealistic and very gluttony bestie. I hope she manages to shed those pounds after 20th finishes filming.

I’d initially also assume 20th to be in the vein of Answer Me, where we hang around in a nostalgic past and see the effects the past has on the present couple(s). But no. In 20th, we get very little of the foursome’s high school days, and mainly get snippets that reveal to us (somewhat) the dynamics in the team.

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