While You Were Sleeping: The Oracles

Oh wow, first there was one, then two…and now three. Seems like there may be some truth in what Woo-tak said: the prophecy-thingy is a virus, and the source of it is Hong-joo. But his other explanation seems to be pretty valid too: that Jae-chan and himself “inherited” Hong-joo’s ability cos they are indebted to their saviour(s). And while the supposed-to-be dead aren’t dead, they somehow still experience a near-death sensation. Like Jae-chan thought he had drowned even though Hong-joo saved him, and Woo-tak was able to “feel” being thrown into the air by a car, even though Jae-chan prevented the accident from happening.

Initially, I had thought the link between Jae-chan and Hong-joo being able to read the near future is somehow related to the army guy who became a mass murderer. Both his and Hong-joo’s dads were killed by the AWOL soldier. And in that same vein of thought, I’d assume Woo-tak may also be related to that soldier — his brother, perhaps? Hopefully this won’t hold true. Judging by the current stream of narrative, Woo-tak’s explanation seems more plausible. He and Jae-chan knew who saved them (though Jae-chan isn’t aware consciously that the “boy” who saved him is Hong-joo), and probably this awareness is what made them sentient to the futures in their dreams. Especially wrt their saviour. Jae-chan subconsciously only dreams about Hong-joo in danger, cos he had somehow registered her as the person who saved him. Woo-tak, too dreams about Jae-chan possible bad futures, cos Jae-chan saved him in the past.

Which leaves the next candidate to be… Cho-hee? The sister of psychopathic Dae-hee? And allow me to digress: Kang Ki-young is amazingly good at playing a psychopath. Though as far as I can recall, this is probably his first attempt at doing so? His previous supporting roles are mainly as a jocular sidekick, and being there for the funnies. It’s good to see him expanding his repertoire to include Psychopaths/ Sociopaths roles. Hopefully he will get meatier roles in future besides sticking to playing clownish characters.

Well, back to the topic on hand — as the numbers of “Oracles” increase, I wonder then at their purposes. Does it mean in Sleeping, the premise of “Fate” is skewed? Seems like the OTP and friends are getting more effective in preventing incidents from happening. However, are they part and parcel of pushing the “correct” timeline set by Fate? In that case, are they really “saving” the person they dreamt of, or are they the reason for misfortune on another set of people? Cos while they manage to prevent the person they dreamt of from dying or getting injured, the bad mojo doesn’t end there. Someone, somewhere else experiences an even more harrowing event (which cleverly ends up as the “case of the day” in Sleeping), and the next “save” requires more effort and nail biting sequence that leads up to the rescue.

IMO, I feel that Sleeping gears towards the latter. Not only does it make its narrative more engaging, it also makes a kind of morbid sense. And that Fate still wins — cos whatever the OTP + friends do, they are merely agents of Fate, and while they celebrate the small wins, they are unaware that they may have lost the bigger battle.

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