Buam-dong Avengers Club – First Impression

This drama is pure gold, among all those that premiered last week. The balance between comedy and realism is pretty well done, and our ahjumma trio? They’re an absolute joy to have on the screen. We’ve had dramas that’re about trio of ladies (Fantastic, 20th Century Boys and Girls), but they’re mostly about their lovelives and friendships, whereas here our trio begin their journey together as absolute strangers, coming together because they needed revenge against people who did them wrong.

And it’s not huge wrongs they suffered from; their revenge plans have been anything but bloodthirsty. In fact, our rich ladies Kim Jung Hye (Lee Yo Won) and Lee Mi Sook (Myung Se Bin) stated clearly they wouldn’t do anything that’s against the law. In contrast to them, fish hawker Hong Do Hee (Ra Mi Ran) has got more guts in executing revenge (albeit petty). 

The whole idea of a “revenge social club” was conceived by Jung Hye, after learning that her husband has a teenage son out of wedlock (seems pretty fishy). By chance, she first got acquainted with Do Hee, and then Mi Sook. Jung Hye’s keen sense of observation led her to propose the silly idea of revenge to Mi Sook, as she guesses that Mi Sook was physically abused by her husband (who’s a respected educator to the public). Jung Hye also eventually learnt that Do Hee’s son suffers from repeated bullying in school and the perpetrator is none other than the son of one of her tenants. 

The ladies begin their bonding over their first revenge on a random guy (cameo by Jo Hee Bong) they encountered at a cafe they frequent. Random Guy was bullying the cafe part-timer and Do Hee decides to dump a bucket of water on him while he’s in the toilet cubicle. The ladies then adjourn to Do Hee’s place after their first revenge attempt, getting to know more of each other over food and soju. 

Although not shown in the first two episodes yet, Jung Hye’s husband’s son will be the fourth member of their little club, as at the end of Episode 2, he proposes to Jung Hye a deal explaining his wishes to seek revenge against her husband. The son Soo Kyum (U-Kiss’s Lee Joon Young) also happens to form a friendship with Do Hee’s son in school despite recently transferred. 

I like the contrasting personalities between the three ladies – Jung Hye is cold but naive due to her chaebol upbringing, Mi Sook is considerate but a scaredy cat, and Do Hee is the warm motherly figure among them. I’m guessing Soo Kyum is going to be one shaking things up for them, being the only young guy among three ahjummas. Onwards with more petty revenges!

5 thoughts on “Buam-dong Avengers Club – First Impression

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  1. Thank you for the review! This sounded pretty interesting but I haven’t had time to watch it yet. It’s moved several places up the watch list, now 🙂

  2. This has become my most favorite drama but was surprised that the subs were slower than the other dramas. Therefore, I really appreciate that the Soompi subbers have taken on this project!

  3. I’m liking this a lot. Together with Black and Because this is my first time, these are the only dramas that I find entertaining this season. It’s a surprise that the subs are so slow, but I will keep watching. I like that it promises some comedy with the petty revenges, and tears with the bonding of the ahjumma trio and the young guys.

  4. After watching ep 4, i feel that we live in a messed up world. illegitimate child pay for their parent mistakes, cycle of domestic abuse that destroys families. its a miracles that these trio met and form some sort of bond.
    Jung Hye has a lot more in common with soo kyum hence i think why Jung Hye does not blame or hate soo kyum so much for coming into her & her husband lives despite what other people thought she would do/ feel.

  5. I’ve just finished this drama, and I think this is the best revenge drama I’ve ever watch. The character, the plot story, everything about the drama left me a big impression.

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