Because This Life is My First: Of marriages, Love and cost-benefit analysis

I wasn’t expecting Because to be this good, even though I had good vibes about it from its debut. And Lee Min-ki — 2017 is really about guys who just grow on you, isn’t it? Like Kim Nam-gil, Lee Min-ki isn’t your typical K-Idol goodlooker, but he is charismatic — even with hardly any facial expressions as Se-hee.

And of Se-hee: he really should work as a financial consultant, given his predisposition to put a $-sign on everything, even Love and marriage. To him, emotions are a waste of time, effort and energy — so Love is probably given a huge deficit sign in his mental check book. Well…tbh, he is correct in some sense. Grooming any sorts of connections between 2 people require effort, sometimes in the monetary sense as well. Even friendship requires a large portion of compromise on both parties, much less a more intimate relationship between 2 individuals. (kooriyuki: I have to say Se Hee is my ideal human being LOL)

Marriage then, is the ultimate waste of resources. We see many examples in Because of why the characters either shun marriage or are afraid of entering into one. Se-hee sees it as a depreciating investment, Soo-ji views it as an evil means to incarcerate women, and Won-seok is terrified of it because he is a pauper and doesn’t have enough resources to shoulder additional burdens (of children). Of cos, on the other end, we also have characters that stand up for the “ideals” of marriage — it is an affirmation and continuation of Love (Ji-Ho and Sang-goo), and because you can have a family to call your own (Ho-rang).

Ok, on paper, the Idealist group sounds pretty lame. But as Because shows, most times, the heart easily over rules the head. And the classic example is Se-hee, whom as we find out in ep8, is very human when his facade cracks. He may be calculative over who he wishes to cultivate a relationship with, but once he is committed, he IS committed. And that’s the point when he stops caring about whether it is “worthwhile” to spend his resources on the person (or animal). The vets whom Ji-Ho spoke to are correct — a person who cares so much about an animal, and a stray, sick one at that, is a very very decent human being at heart. (Remember, psychopaths start young by being animal abusers)

And we are finally getting to see Se-hee transfer that love and commitment on his cat to a human being — Ji-Ho. While he initially viewed her as a good investment to his “Lifelong portfolio”, she is beginning to turn out to be more than that. All I can say is he better be prepared to either recoup this “losing investment” or just give in to his heart — and soon.

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  1. I am watching this too and Iike it despite the fact that it is unbelievable to have two people marry for such reasons. ;p Btw, Lmk was accused of sexual assault previously so that somewhat changes my impression of him. – RH

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