Go Back Couple – First Impression

With all the new dramas premiering at the same time last month, I only had this number of hours dedicated to drama watching and I’m sad to admit that while Show is cute, it’s currently on the back-burner. I’ve only caught 2 episodes of Show and I wish I can be paid to watch Korean dramas and blog (hurhur).

Ma Jin Joo (Jang Nara) and Choi Ban Do (Sohn Ho Joon) is a married couple of several years, having known each other and dated since college days. The marriage isn’t the happiest as like many other couples, there’re several miscomms and taking each other for granted which resulted in accumulated unhappiness about each other and eventually they were headed for a divorce. On the night where they legalized their divorce, strange mojos happened and both Jin Joo and Ban Do were sent back to their freshman year in college. The interesting part is that they returned as their current selves, because somehow I had the impression that they were sent back to reboot in a clean slate.

Although Jin Joo misses her infant son in the current timeline, she seems determined not to fall for Ban Do again, a sentiment which is mutual for Ban Do as well. They both decided to begin a relationship with their crush (for Ban Do) and suitor (for Jin Joo). However Fate sends them back not to rewrite their lives but their relationship with each other (this is a given). Ban Do is more than ecstatic to be a young adult again, reverting immediately back to an immature guy while Jin Joo appears more cautious with her second shot in life.

I think this drama is one that’s dependent more on the chemistry of the cast rather than the story because it’s mostly old troupes. It’d be a bonus if the writer can come up with some new ideas and make the story heartwarming, and I think it has the potential to be, given the hints dropped regarding Jin Joo and her regret over Mom’s passing in the current timeline. I do hope I can catch up with this, but at the current state I’m lagging behind several dramas *sadface* Fingers crossed!

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