Two Cops: Bad Cop, Good Cop

It’s the teething period for Soo-chang and Dong-tak, as they must learn how to navigate around using the same body (poor Dong-tak), and at the same time, learn to rely on and trust each other. We have seen how well they can work together, with Soo-chang’s ability to connect with people (and also his connections with the underworld band of thieves and small time criminals), and Dong-tak’s analytical skills and fighting prowess. But eps5-6 also show us how NOT very well they operate, when they choose to do the lone ranger thing.

Dong-tak for one, isn’t good at articulating his feelings. And while we know BOTH of them like Ji-an, it is obvious who Ji-an likes more. Although Ji-an sees the same physical Dong-tak, she tends to gravitate towards the more serious one (aka the “real deal”). Likewise, I do feel that Dong-tak (at this juncture) feels more deeply for Ji-an, than Soo-chang — who is easily lured by a good scam and decides to cut Ji-an loose (not that he does it intentionally, but he did set the ball rolling). Unfortunately, whatever comes out of Dong-tak’s mouth sounds..wrong and off putting, when all he aims to do is to want to protect Ji-an and keep her safe. (telling her he will make sure they keep a distance in future isn’t really what he wants)

While Soo-chang may have the gift of the gab, I notice Ji-an doesn’t really like this flippant version of Dong-tak, though she can’t understand (for now) why he suddenly seem to have a change of heart (or tongue). In addition, Soo-chang’s sweet talking has shown to be ineffective at times when he is up against a more seasoned criminal, like Boss Park. Soo-chang’s ability is being able to read people and react to them, but for someone who is as guarded as Boss Park, the analytical skills Dong-tak possesses may come in more useful. As it is, Soo-chang fails to see the loopholes in his plan to scam Boss Park, and nearly resulted in causing Ji-an’s death or her being sold to human traffickers.

In addition, while Soo-chang may not be ALL bad, he is still a thief at heart. And the lure of a fast buck is too strong for him to resist. So while he thinks he has managed to keep Ji-an safe from their “sting operation”, the fact that he had plans to bail out on her and Dong-tak’s colleagues (after he sees the cash) causees him to lose control of the plan, leading Boss Park to gain the upper hand. Thankfully, Ji-an and the girls are safe cos Dong-tak manages to come back in time. (technically speaking, Ji-an saves his ass too)

Now that Soo-chang and Dong-tak have finally cleared the air between them wrt the cold case of 16 years ago, where Soo-chang’s dad had been maligned for drunk driving, and Dong-tak DID help him capture the criminal, just that a corrupted police officer had squirreled away the evidence, it is high time the duo work together. Cos it seems that Dong-tak’s sunbae murder case is also linked with Soo-chang’s case.

More reasons to pool their abilities together — and resolve both cases in … 7 weeks? Before Soo-chang has to report to the reapers.

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