Nothing to Lose – Half-time Comments

Hmm. I’m sad to say Show really hasn’t been clamoring for my attention although I’ll watch it weekly (or rather Dad somehow will automatically watch this weekly). I guess it’s the pacing, where it takes So. Damn. Long. to get down to the centre of the mystery. I guess it’s no surprise the two murders introduced in the beginning are related, and that the Big Bad is obvious.

The cases of the week are also not very interesting, not to mention the way the judges in Show’s universe work is pretty unrealistic. I guess Show’s biggest drawback (which ironically is also the selling point) is the over the top behavior of Jung Joo (Park Eun Bin) in court, where she can’t control her temper. I get that it was done in contrast to Eui-hyun’s (Yeon Woo Jin) cool and logical demeanor, but I feel it backfired because Show can’t be taken seriously (and judges are supposed to be taken seriously!).

The first two episodes were too overboard with plot points of a judge being taken hostage in court, a prisoner somehow vandalizing the court with her blood, on top of trying to make Prosecutor Han-joon (Dong Ha) the red herring in the central mystery. As of current development, Han-joon is desperately trying to prove his Dad, President-elect hopeful Do Jin-myung (Lee Deok-hwa) is the rapist-murderer, while his Mom Professor Yoo Myung-hee (the ever wonderful Kim Hae-sook) seems to know the truth. Again to complicate matters, Professor Yoo was the judge who ruled that Jung-joo’s elder brother was the culprit, in order to cover up for her husband.

A friend commented that she doesn’t trust Professor Yoo and I can’t disagree with that, although I wouldn’t be surprised either if Show turns out to be that straightforward. My interest level did increase with the current developments but it’s not enough to make me feel Show is compelling. The characters are pretty 2D save for Han-joon, and my heart is actually rooting for him to win the girl even though my brain says nope she’s all headed for Eui-hyun.

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