First Impression: Radio Romance

I will watch this just for the OTP. 😛

Main cast:

·         Yoon Do-joon (from Let’s Eat) as Ji Soo-ho. A seemingly all-rounded successful actor, whose mum runs the entertainment agency he is employed under. However, nobody knows he has a dysfunctional family, and is unable to disengage himself from his drama roles even after the show wraps up.

·         Kim So-hyun (from Let’s Fight, Ghost!) as Song Geu-rim. An aspiring (but not exactly talented) radio programme script writer. She loves radio as she sees it as the connection for her blind mum and the outside world.

·         Yoon Park (from Introverted Boss) as Lee Gang. Geu-rim’s previous PD and mentor, who got shuttled to a compulsory vacation cos of a previous radio booboo. When he returns the entire station views him as bad mojo.


Geu-rim is the asst writer of a popular radio show – Min-nu on air. But there’s juz 2 issues with her programme. Firstly, Idol Min-nu is a skiver and doesn’t turn up for work on time, or at all. Secondly, Geu-rim is a lousy writer. According to her sunbae, she has too much “useless” descriptions in her script.

We learn later those “useless” descriptions were part of the many conversations with her blind mum. Geu-rim used to describe their surroundings to her mum, and to them, the radio opens up a different world for them.

On the other spectrum, we have Soo-ho, who is a famous TV actor and whose mum runs the very successful entertainment company which he is under. To the public, his family appears to be loving and supportive, but there are rumours (which turn out to be true), that it is very dysfunctional. His dad is a womaniser and uses his wife’s connections with the showbiz to bed as many young willing starlets as possible. His wife (who knows about his infidelity) is a materialistic and selfish woman, who is only interested in making money, even if it means selling out her son.

So it isn’t a surprise that Soo-ho suffers from some form of psychosis which causes him to have nightmares and insomnia. Probably cos of his need to keep up a fake front, he can operate when there is a planned “script” for him. But, he is unable to shake off the roles he play in dramas when he goes back to “real life”.

The OTP has a chance meeting in a hotel, where Geu-rim is tasked to haul a drunk Min-nu back, and Soo-ho happens to have a celebratory dinner with his parents. Strangely, Soo-ho seems to know who Geu-rim is, judging by his inability to tear his glance away from her. We learn later that the two actually knew each other from high school – and Soo-ho had have a crush on Geu-rim then.

Their second meeting happens thanks to Min-nu, who absconded from his radio show. Geu-rim is fired from her job, but is offered a post of writer by her ex-sunbae, Lee Gang PD – on the condition that she gets Soo-ho on air permanently.



Like I said, I will watch just because it is Yoon Do-joon and Kim So-hyun. Though I have to keep reminding myself that Kim So-hyun is no longer a “little girl” and she is not a “high school student” in Radio either. And thankfully so, cos the OTP look good together.

I’d say the debut for Radio is so-so. It’s not very surprising – the usual boy-meets-girl storyline, and we have the Kdrama archetype of the cool, aloof hero and the very preppy heroine, who gets in his way enough to make him fall in love with her. What makes Radio interesting and a possible can-watch, is its setting in the radio station.

Cos while we are familiar with the “TV station” as a background in most Kdramas, there are not a lot of dramas that focus on radio station and DJs. It would be quite refreshing to have a look at what goes on behind the scenes in a radio station.

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