Drama Review – Nothing to Lose (SBS, 2017)

Story in a Nutshell

The typical story of two people of polar opposite personality falling in love with each other. Oh, they’re both judges at the same court, tied together by a string of cases that somehow are linked to each other, and then linked to a rape-and-murder case that happened years ago, which the female lead’s brother was tried as the murderer (and of course he’s not the real murderer).

To Watch or Not

Yes – If you’re a Yeon Woo Jin/Park Eun Bin/Dongha fan. Dongha was awesome as usual here, but I can’t really say the same for the other 2 leads. In fact I think Yeon Woo Jin looked a lil’ bored throughout, which I don’t blame him.

No – I was bored, almost to tears, after about 4 episodes in, and sadly Show never picked up the pace of the overarching mystery nor the romance. I’m not quite sure when did Jung-joo (Park Eun Bin) and Eui-hyeon (Yeon Woo Jin) start to fall for each other, because it was so subtle and slow-developing it’s blink-and-miss. Also, Show overdid its courtroom histrionics and made it difficult to relate to anyone in the court.


No. Simple as that. Unless you really have lots of time to spare.

2 thoughts on “Drama Review – Nothing to Lose (SBS, 2017)

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  1. It was really boring at first, because I thought it lacks substance and the outline of the plot isn’t unique. Like another courtroom drama that gets a bit of romance towards the end just to satisfy romance fans. Lee Jung Joo’s character was idiotic in the first few episodes, but she progresses a bit. She’s able to portray someone who gets to do her job well and not because she has an age-old aim to prove her brother’s innocence. As for Yeon Woo Jin, I’ve seen a three of his dramas already and I can say he’s a very versatile actor. I think he played his role well of being a very level-headed and quick-witted judge. As for his “bored” look / aura throughout the series, it must be because the role required it. And it might be his way of stepping into the role as he sees fit. I only saw Dong Ha once from the kdrama Suspicious Partner (Ji Chang Wook & Nam Ji Hyun) where he played as a villain. Was surprised he can play other roles well too, though he really fits the antagonist role (sorry Dong Ha, but I still adore you! ^_^ ). Overall, fans who are into courtroom drama concept will surely like this one. The scriptwriters are commendable too cause they did a heck of a job on the research and just inserted a lukewarm romance in order to focus on the main theme of the story, just like Lawless Lawyer. If I’m going to rate this out of 10, I’ll give it a 7. For me its pretty decent enough to make me finish the whole 32 episodes. I dont finish a series if I find them really boring and if I feel like the plot is too shallow.

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