Shall We Live Together – First Impression

Story in a Nutshell

Yoo Dong-geun takes on the role of a widower who brought up his four children working as a shoe-maker in a small Seoul neighborhood. Eldest daughter Sun-ha (Park Sun Young) is dating a man several years younger than her, second daughter Yoo-ha (Han Ji Hye) is married into a chaebol family (with weird rules) but soon to be divorced, and the youngest are a pair of twins – Jae Hyung (Yeo Hoe Hyun) and Hyun Ha (Geum Sae-rok) always bicker and are unemployed. Like all family dramas, Show will follow the ups and downs of this household.

To Watch or Not

Yes – My gut feeling says this shouldn’t be as makjang as its predecessor, and I’ve had good experience with KBS’ family dramas (What’s Up with My Family, Father is Strange). With Yoo playing another single Dad, I’ve having the What’s Up vibe, which is definitely a good sign. I’m anticipating his reunion with his first love, who’s now a successful and rich and engages in car racing (?!) as a pasttime. And then, who can say no to Lee Sang Woo as a passionate and quirky doctor?

No – It’s a 50-episode long (at least) family drama which can go any way it wants.


I hope this is a comfort food like some of the other family dramas were, and so far it seems to stay rather clear from the makjang territory. Sure, Yoo-ha’s ex-in laws are pretty ridiculous chaebols and I’m sure this wouldn’t be the last we see of them but at least for now, that arc seems to be wrapped up so I’m not too concerned. Of all the lovelines, I’m most interested in Jae Hyung and Da Yoon (Park Se Wan), especially with the latter totally nailing her role as a naive rich girl going after her high school crush. I think I’ll stick with this till the end, given how much I like the cast.

3 thoughts on “Shall We Live Together – First Impression

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  1. I have taken to this show very quickly, and really like it a lot. I do consider the cast to be very good and the story overall well executed. As for the chaebol family, lets hope they get their just desserts and my only gripe is to do with Sun-ha’s fiancée – just a little too whiney and needy for me, but I’m sure his character will grow.

    1. I’m wondering if Sun-ha will get paired up with her superior in the end instead, but then they wouldn’t have cast that actress as her fiance’s mother, so I’m a little confused how will Sun-ha’s arc go. Like you, I find her fiance too whiney and needy and tbh, this pair doesn’t interest me.

  2. I love the movie because of Yoo Dong Geun character, a man who raised his children with what he had, a man who is not after of riches contenment and being happy whateber the situation may be.

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