First Impression: Investigation Couple

Seems like the season for lawyerly shows. We have SuitsLawless Lawyer and now this…

Main cast:

  • Jung Jae-young as Dr Baek Beom. A meticulous and experienced forensic pathologist, who is excellent in his work…but low on the popularity list, due to his caustic nature.
  • Jung Yoo-mi as Eun Sol. A rookie prosecutor, who comes from a wealthy family. She is rather…bimbotic at times, but her earnestness and keen sense of observation and memory make up for her obvious lack of skills in the courtroom.


Dr Baek works on a recent case of a young girl found stripped of her skirt and undies in a forested area. The detective in charge of the case, Soo-ho, is certain it’s the work of a rapist. Turns out, Dr Baek figured out that the girl died of a hit-and-run, and the driver set up the body to mislead the police.

On the other hand, we see Eun Sol’s first day at work in the Prosecutor Office, and she is all into spiffing up her workplace with essential oils and scented candles. We further cringe at her lack of EQ in the workplace when she refuses to drink the hazing alcohol mix prepared by her sunbaes (and boss).

Eun Sol and Dr Baek have their first encounter over a case of a domestic abuse. A wife of a prominent politician’s son has died, and on her body are clear cases of physical abuse. Eun Sol shows her green horn-ess at wearing her Ferragamos heels into the crime scene and literally collapsing over her first dead body.

Naturally she got yelled at by Dr Baek, who already despises her from get-go.


I think we are so used to seeing powerful prosecutors that I actually felt revulsion at Eun Sol initially. She is a hothouse flower, and although she did score the highest grade in Law School, you get the feeling she is those who are all book smart and zero street smart. And declaring that the reason she chose to work as a public prosecutor was cos she thought it’s a “cool job” judging from her US drama fix. (huh?!)

On the other spectrum, we have the guy who probably institutionalised the entire forensic procedures. Dr Baek is reputed to be no-nonsense and so objective that he works more like a machine than a human. While I am impressed with his knowledge, something tells me he is a broken man. It’s not that he shuns human contact (that’s ok), but the way he derides everyone (including colleagues) publicly for not measuring up to his standard is a bit harsh. Even though Eun Sol does earn that scolding, yelling at her and calling her stupid in front of the forensic team, the police and other professionals around…isn’t really the best way to admonish someone.

Thankfully, the first case they both had to work on kinda thawed Dr Baek’s response to Eun Sol. So I am quite sure that they will work quite well in the future. Eun Sol has much to learn from Dr Baek’s analytical skills, and Dr Baek can take a leaf from Eun Sol’s persistence and doggedness.

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  1. I’m really enjoying this show as well. Yes, Dr Baek is a broken man and it’s a sad story regarding all the implications. It’s not pleasant the tongue lashings he gives Eun Sol and the others, who also revel in calling him Dr Psycho.

    Eun Sol is like someone who “dares to walk where angels fear to tread”. However, she has picked up that despite Dr Baek’s behaviour there is a method to his madness. We even see in later episodes where Dr B plays some jokes on Eun Sol, but she doesn’t pick up on these initially.

    The antics of the secondary characters are also quite good. Stella is upbeat and not phased by Dr B – there’s an episode where she says re Dr B and an upcoming show down: why wouldn’t you want to be in the front seat to watch the fireworks!

    Despite all this, I took the time out to watch Jung Jae-young in Plan Man. What a contrast in the characters he portrays and a nice movie to boot.

    As Dr B says: “The maggots don’t lie”.

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