First Impression: About Time

Thanks to the boatload of new shows, I had to delay starting on this show (but thanks again to soccer, I now have that extra bit of time — pun intended).

Main cast: 

  • Lee Sang-yoon (from Twenty Again) as chaebol and MK Entertainment CEO’s Lee Do-ha. He is your typical prickly-rich-man lead, and has a phobia of nearly everything, plus an anxiety disorder which he tries to hide.
  • Lee Sung-kyung (from Weightlifting Fairy, Kim Bok-joo) as Choi Michaela, an aspiring musical actress, who has the ability to read the leftover time span of humans, including her own.
  • Im Se-mi as Bae Soo-bong, Do-ha’s fiancee, and MJBC Entertainment’s CEO. Their marriage is part business procedure, and part cos they grew up as friends to almost-lovers.


Micha (short for Michaela) always has the ability to see the remaining lifespan of humans, and sadly, her own too. Micha only has about a hundred days more to live, and she hopes to finally make a break at her theatre dream.

On the day of her audition, she happens to literally bump into Do-ha (who reverses his car suddenly into her). They didn’t hit it off very well exactly, but Micha manages to “steal” a ride to her audition in Do-ha’s car. During the audition, the prickly musical director tells her to pretend to seduce one of the audience, and Do-ha happens to be around (cos Micha accidentally took his car keys). She kisses him…but still loses the role.

The OTP’s next encounter is in Hainan, China, where Do-ha had to scuba dive in order to win over a prospective investor in his theatre projects. Micha is there as part of the diving crew. During the dive, Do-ha’s anxiety attack strikes and Micha dives in to rescue him. They are both rescued but unconscious.

When she wakes, she realises her “time” stops whenever she is in Do-ha’s presence.


So far…I’m pretty lukewarm about Time, cos the plot looks pretty straightforward, even with the “magical” element of the female lead being able to read lifespans. Not the first Kdrama where the leads are together cos one of them “needs” something from the other, and usually the more abrasive one party is with the other, the stronger the sparks fly later.

I suppose the interest in this narrative would be how Do-ha eventually learns of her ability, and whether he uses it and her to do something. (or she uses her ability to rescue him) Otherwise it will be just a quirk of the female lead.

But at the moment, I am enjoying the superbly awkward moments Micha face, cos she has to stick close to Do-ha (someone she doesn’t LIKE) like glue, in order to save herself. And in order to do that, she has to ALL sorts of things to get his attention and hopefully, really seduce him. With a strong competitor in the form of Soo-bong.

It’s…survival instinct and survival of the fittest.

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