What’s wrong with Secretary Kim? The two brothers

Much as I LOVE seeing narcissistic Young-joon fumble and stumble over trying to woo Mi-so, the mystery angle of the show is catching up. Especially now that all the critical players are on stage.

We already know Mi-so has an unexplained fear of spiders and cobwebs, and we guessed that her elder sisters have been hiding a traumatic episode from her. She herself has forgotten or blocked out the event — and only her unexplained phobia remains as evidence.

We also know Young-joon has recurrent nightmares of a woman in red heels and a suitcase who threatens a younger version of himself. And his fear of cable ties, plus the scars on his ankles — probably a leftover as well from “the event”.

And then, we have Sung-yeon, the latest character to come onboard. He is Young-joon’s “hated elder brother”, the one whom he claimed caused his nightmares and “initiated” the kidnapping or left him in the lurch. But…he appears to have the same recurrent nightmares as Young-joon, minus the scary woman.

So…who exactly was kidnapped? My guess is…all 3 of them (Mi-so is probably the innocent collateral damage). As to whether they are held in the same location, I would say Yes. Cos Young-joon clearly remembered her — he picked her, the one with the zero secretary experience over other more prominent candidates “cos she is Mi-so”. Notice that while Young-joon admitted Sung-yeon was kidnapped, he didn’t elaborate to say he was also a victim. My guess that Mi-so’s “oppa” was also Young-joon…but he is choosing to let her remember on her own terms.

As for Sung-yeon’s claim that he was a “victim” in the kidnapping — I’d agree…but the story may have been flipped. Judging by Sung-yeon’s open jealousy over Young-joon — his younger brother is the hot favourite among BOTH parents, is the next in line for the company (when he IS the elder son), coupled with all the fawning Young-joon received since young as being a genius, blah blah — Sung-yeon has all the motive to lie to Mi-so.

He’d probably want Mi-so to consider him in better light than Young-joon, and possibly date him and not his younger brother. Unfortunately, Mi-so doesn’t seem to be buying into his story wholeheartedly just yet. Cos she had spend 9 years with Young-joon to know that man’s inner workings better than anyone else. And to be told that he is monster….well….unless she only met him 9 minutes ago. But 9 years?? (that’s almost as good as being married to him…)

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  1. I’m not necessarily certain that Sung Jeon was kidnaped, but I do think he has taken on his younger brother’s memories.

    I’m almost certain Mi So doesn’t believe the claim that Young Joon is a monster. However, she is trying to recall her memories and so there is a little bit of the halo effect coming into play around Sung Jeon who may be able to provide access to her past (and one which Young Joon wants left well and truly buried).

    There is a very touching moment at the end of episode 7, which I hope means we will get to see more of this type of Young Joon. Also, the comedic timing needs to re-appear. Yes, they are a de facto married couple. They both haven’t realised it yet (Love the Mum and Dad by the way – especially when the Dad tries the Morpheus charm offensive on the Mum and she tells him she wont have a bar of it).

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