(Not so) Final Review: Investigation Couple

I was just telling kooriyuki that we appear to have some hanging and useless characters in Investigation. And when the show ends, I finally understand why — cos there’s gonna be a sequel. And it is OBVIOUS there will be a sequel. The last case — it hasn’t been solved. The wife-beater husband who got away in the first case is back…but he manages to slip away again by playing dead this time. (even though our prosecutors got more evidence to nail him this round)

Back to the “extras” — the professor whom Prosecutor Kang hired to “prove” Dr Baek’s guilt (I forgot his name) — is the glaring character who does nothing but huffs angrily and disappears offstage. While it is common for a badly written script to have such “extras”, Investigation isn’t such a show. So far, I find not much fault in its narrative, being tightly paced, with good characters’ developments.

And a sequel is necessary for Investigation to top off its characters’ growths and inter-relationships. We have nicely closed off Dr Baek’s history — his fiancée is not dead, he manages to see her for the last time BEFORE she really dies. So he receives closure. And there is definitely a marked change after he experienced that catharsis. Which…can be developed in Part 2. [kooriyuki: I hope he’ll continue to tell people to stop writing lousy stories! *snickers*]

Similarly, Sol also has grown from the inept, wet behind the ears, new prosecutor to a pretty seasoned one who uses her strengths — her near eidetic memory and her high EQ — to her advantage. Now that Dr Baek’s fiancee is finally dead (for sure), and he has sort of opened up to Sol…maybe that “couple” bit in Investigation can be teased out in Part 2. It’d also make for an interesting love triangle with a sort of deja vu thrown in since we know Prosecutor Kang still holds a torch for Sol.

Besides wanting to see more of our OTPs, the side characters have also grown on me. The initial impression of the airhead police officer Soo-ho, has been gradually replaced with an officer who not only has a keen eye for details, a grounded sense of right and wrong…plus very quick reflexes. I have lost count of the numbers of times he manages to use common items like a towel, his jacket, a flask, to adroitly subdue the perp. And while I am a little disappointed that Stella didn’t choose Dr Jung (the lab assistant), I am still invested in their quirky romance.

And let’s not forget the new team leader which the prosecution team has hired — Prosecutor Do (Oh Man Seok). He only appeared in the last few eps, but I have already fallen in love with his rakish attitude. He is extremely analytical, but at the same time, he is not like Prosecutor Kang, who is too by-the-book and rigid. Prosecutor Do definitely knows how to play the field to his advantage. Much like Chief Prosecutor No — who may appear to be sometimes rather a slimy bootlicker…but it is more to hide a passive aggressiveness (towards those in power) which is he very good at.

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  1. I have a soft spot for Investigation Couple. I thought the first half was excellent, then it seemed to lose something in the second half before coming back on track. The final scene was beautifully done – the sense of family and belonging despite everyone’s foibles.

    As for Stella, she is Stellar. I have a lot of time for our young lieutenant as well. Dr Psycho – yes, I hope he keeps saying stop writing a novel and I have always liked Sol (they do both belong together – they clearly care for each other). I also think Prosecutor Do is a much better written character than his predecessor.

    Will Prosecutor Do’s sidekick get in the way of the relationship between Sol’s support team? As for Dr Baek’s assistants, what now lays in store for them?

    My favourite moments – Sol knowing that Dr Baek is always on the money 😎.

    1. I have to say Show is a low-key but addictive drama. It’s a shame that the World Cup matches broke the momentum abit, but it bounced back. Can’t wait for its Part 2!

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