First Impression: Familiar Wife (Wife that I know)

Time travelling and the butterfly effect…you get what you wished for, but are you sure you want that?

Main cast:

  • Ji Sung (from Kill Me, Heal Me) as Cha Joo-hyuk. A simple salaryman who works as a loan consultant in the bank. He has 2 kids, a wife whom he is starting to find annoying and when he gets the chance to return to his past to change his life….
  • Han Ji-min (from Hyde, Jekyll and Me) as Seo Woo-jin. Joo-hyuk’s wife, who has enough of his irresponsible ways. She works as a massage therapist and like every working mum, juggles with a demanding service line job, 2 kids, chores, an ailing mother, and her husband.


The first 2 eps set the stage for why the couple (or at least Joo-hyuk) is so willing to trade his present for another one. Joo-hyuk and Woo-jin do not exactly have a rosy marriage. While they have 2 rather cute kids (a toddler and a few months old bb), the daily stressors of life have estranged them.

Woo-jin blames Joo-hyuk for not being ambitious enough, not responsible enough, and not really a father who is present enough. While Joo-hyuk sees his wife as a woman who complains too much, doesn’t understand the stresses he face at work, and so small-minded that she will trash his new game console.

By a stroke of luck and magic fairy dust, Joo-hyuk gets to travel back to the days where he was a uni undergrad, and gets to reignite his old love with his first crush,  Hye-won (who is a rich girl, and an accomplished cellist). While he is unaware that he has time travelled in his first “visit”, his realisation comes fast when one of his classmates (who apparently lost a mother) had a mum in the current time line who is well and alive.

Piecing two and two together, Joo-hyuk manages to make his second trip back more fruitful. He wakes up to a new wife (Hye-won), a possibly richer background (as a son-in-law of some big conglomerate, perhaps)…and Woo-jin, is a swinging single with no kids and no crappy husband hanging on to her.


Tbh, the first 2 eps (which I based my post on) is quite a chore to watch. While Joo-hyuk is NOT a jerk — in fact, I do find him pretty decent…he is just trying to navigate his way around his demanding job, his horribly nit-picking supervisor…and presumably a wife who (in his view) is “aggressive”. But maybe it’s bad luck or a case of poor judgment, he always ends up with the shorter end of the stick. He loses a chance at promotion cos of a snap decision to waive a piece of document for a client — only to have an audit check the next day. And the reason for his snap decision was to get his hands on a new game console…

While I do not agree with Woo-jin’s over the top reaction to Joo-hyuk’s new toy (she totalled the console by drowning it…ouch), Joo-hyuk is also at fault for not owning up that he bought the item in the first place. I suppose it’s the breakdown of comms between the two after years of bickering and small arguments.

Well, now that the couple have a chance to get a second go in life, let’s hope they are happier.

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  1. I’m still unsure what to think of this one, but it does get better with episodes 3-4. There is a stong workplace element to it, which wasn’t really what I wanted from this drama but I suppose it gets all the main characters together in one place. I think Han Ji Min and Ji Sung are doing a great job and we’ll probably start to see that as the we get to know the characters. I have to say, I didn’t like either of them very much at first but Joo Hyuk will obviously mature and grow over the course of the series and alternate reality Woo Jin has a very refreshing personality.

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