Voice 2: Social Injustices

The approach for Voice 2 is a stark difference from its predecessor. We are already at ep7, but the main storyline of Je-soo (aka the masked psycho), is somehow still at the back burner. Yet…we get plenty of background glimpses into his personal life. I find him very similar to Alfred Hitchcock’s necrophilic psychopath in Psycho, he definitely has a backstory to tell, on why he has his dead mum locked up mummified in her bedroom, and why he has assembled a sort of (mad) vigilante group who goes around “prosecuting” and “delivering” their brand of “justice”.

This is so unlike Voice 1, where the plot centered on the (rather dead and tired) themes of chaebol family and their corruption. I find myself being rather excited over the motive behind Je-soo’s anger. And whether he is even a police officer (of a supervisory rank) in the first place. If he is, why would he want to destroy the police force and particularly, Kang-woo? Maybe it has something to do with his mum’s death?

But before we get there (cos the motive can be easily dealt with once the plot has ripen enough), we get loads of cases which I find, rather didactic in nature. We have cases of neglect of the elderly, and the fear of personal details being leaked out and used unscrupulously, of teenage drug problems, the bitcoin rage, and young adults’ need to be recognised in the most superficial way (aka online). All of these are reflective of what is happening around modern (and likely Korean) societies currently.

Though I find the cases interesting enough (ep7 with the zombie-turned-drug addict is pretty creepy), the rounding off ALWAYS end with A MESSAGE. Maybe it’s me, but I find it very annoying when a show have to preach to me about the dangers of so-and-so, the breakdown of what-and-what.

Yes, I get that in a crowded, fast paced city with its inevitable rat race, the glitter and glamour of quick money always have a darker, sadder underbelly. But…maybe you don’t need to keep repeating it in my face?

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  1. I always say S. Korea is 40 years behind us; but they’re quickly catching up. This reminds me of ’80’s tv where everything was preachy and slapped a moral on it at the end of every episode.

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